Espanola Way in South Beach is a street just north of 14th between Washington and Penssylvania Avenues. Modelled after Mediterranean villages in France and Spain, the street looks slightly like a tourist trap that tourists don’t mind being trapped into. The area has a very rich history, starting out in the early 1920s as a meeting place for the wealthy, it then became a hangout for the infamous Al Capone and then finally a backdrop for films and shows such as Miami Vice. The road is lined with a range of good restaurants, one of the best gelato places I have been to in a long time (Milani) and an outside patio where I had my last south beach hot chocolate for the weekend called Segafredo Cafe.

Segafredo Cafe has one of the most incredible hot drink menus I have ever seen. There must have been 50 different kinds of coffee in their drinks menu. For a minute I was really excited that I might have a choice of hot chocolates….but no. There was one choice called, not surprisingly, hot chocolate. But that one hot chocolate was good. It was the perfect size, not too sweet and just went down so easily. I really enjoyed this one.

Verdict: No complaints here! I could drink this one every day. For a few moments, it feels like I have left South Beach behind and I am on terrace in Italy. Order the tiramisu too. Molto bene!   Segafredo Cafe, Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL, USA

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