Aragon sits on a corner with a large outdoor terrace. From this traditional brasserie, with its simple metal tables, red chairs and waiters dressed in black pants and crisp white shirts, you have a clear view of the Pyrenees and today the weather is perfect.

The hot chocolate here is the hottest hot chocolate I have ever had which gave us lots of time to take in the surroundings as it cools to a drinkable temperature. As the sun set, dozens of people came out to walk up and down Boulevard des Pyrenees. A German Sheppard runs by and then a few moments later runs back at full speed, no owner in site. An old car parked right in front of the café starts up its engine leaving a huge puff of grey smoke in its wake which envelopes the whole café for a few minutes. Shortly after, a man rides by on a skateboard with a motor attached to it that makes it sound like a noisy motorcycle. Then, the sky slowly turns from blue to pink to purple before the moon and stars start to show themselves. It’s hard not to enjoy a hot chocolate in this kind of place. Pau is definitely growing on me.

Verdict: It if is a clear day grab a seat outside on the terrace and watch the sunset. The view with a hot chocolate will only cost you 3 Euros. L’Aragon, 18 Boulevard Des Pyrenees, Pau, France