It is tough to review Benets because it is one of my locals. A week was never complete without at least one hot chocolate at Benets. Saturday and Sunday never started before spending at least 30 minutes sitting on the terrace outside, sipping my hot chocolate while watching Cambridge walk by (often my evenings also didn’t end without a few scoops of their incredible homemade icecream either, one of the best I’ve had!)

From their terrace you have Kings College in front, the senate to the side and the lovely and vibrant Cambridge market behind. If you get there early enough they have a few pain au chocolate which taste like they were brought over directly from Paris (which probably explains why they never last).

Benets hot chocolate is like a good friend. Some days I love it, other days I can’t stand it. Everyday it tastes different. Benets has a constant stream of new Baristas and they all seem to prepare the hot chocolate in slightly different ways. Sometimes it has too much chocolate, other times not enough. You never know exactly what you are going to get. It also comes in a very big mug which is generous but more than one need and they are also generous with their marshmallows and whipping cream if you so desire.

The flavour, when they get it right is great. It is easy to drink, not overly sweet and made from real chocolate. This combined with a seat outside early in the morning on the terrace is one of my favourite ways to start a day.

Verdict: Go to Benets and say that the girl who always drinks hot chocolates sent you. It’s one of my favourites. Benets, Kings Parade, Cambridge, UK