Verde & Co is a beautiful find, right across the street from Spitafield’s market. The store is tiny but sells a whole range of produce, jams, pasta, olives and olive oils and freshly made sandwiches and quiches for the lunch crowd. There is space for 4 people to sit inside and watch the steady stream of traffic coming in and out of this tiny little space.

There are three people working in the store at the time (how they all fit I never did quite figure out). The service is fantastic and one woman explains all the chocolates to me. The hot chocolate is a cup of melted Pierre Marcolin chocolate which they also sell in store if you want it in solid form. It tastes exactly how you would expect it would when you melt a piece of quality chocolate into a cup; very rich and luxurious. You can’t be in a rush when you order this hot chocolate. It needs to be enjoyed slowly. If you drink it too fast I suspect your system would go into shock!

At £5.50 this is pretty steep so this turns into a hot chocolate for a special occasion. So if you are going to order one, make sure you enjoy it in the store so you can take in the whole experience, or on one of the chairs outside so you can watch the crowds walking in and out of Spitafield’s market.


Verdict: Gorgeous hot chocolate and the store is a little gem. Enjoy your hot chocolate inside so you can take it all in. Verde & Co, 40 Brushfield Street, London, UK  £5.50