Konditor and Cook is right at the intersection of Soho and Chinatown, surrounded by Theatres showing the latest musicals. It is located in a Curzon movie theatre which shows fascinating movies from around the world. It is rainy and miserable outside but the bakery/café is bright and colourful and instantly puts me in a better mood.

I really enjoyed the hot chocolate. It is rich and creamy, quite thick and a little sweet but not too much. It is made using 70% cocoa with milk but it also has a bit of a malty taste to it. A real treat.

You can have a small or medium hot chocolate but if you want to try one of their desserts order the small. They have flapjacks, frosted carrot cake, coffee walnut cake and almond fruit tarts to name but a few of their treats.

Verdict: This is a gorgeous bakery and will instantly make you happy, regardless of the weather outside or the kind of day you have had. The hot chocolate is yummy. Konditor and Cook, 99 Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London, UK £2.50