While in France recently, I was browsing through the chocolates at Jeff de Bruges when I noticed they made these sticks with a bulb of chocolate at the end. The idea is that you stir them into a cup of hot milk to create your own hot chocolate using their signature chocolate. They had several flavours but I chose their dark chocolate because dark chocolate in a cup of hot milk always makes me happy. I bought one to try at home. The woman at the store said it was simple, boil some milk put the chocolate in the milk, stir and drink. Voila!

Yesterday I tested this out. This is such a great idea putting chocolate at the end of a stick. I enjoyed dipping it into the hot milk and stirring it until it melted. Despite the heat of the milk, the chocolate melted but never quite mixed with the milk. It clumped up at the top of the glass meaning I had to continually stir it, vigorously. I could taste the little bits of chocolate that hadn’t mixed properly with the milk which left a strange bitter taste in my milk. There were no instructions so perhaps I did it wrong? Who knows, but the chocolate itself was still very nice.

Verdict: Jeff de Bruges chocolates are good, but the chocolate on a stick they sell in the stores doesn’t quite do their chocolate justice. Perhaps they should consider making it in store so customers can taste it the way it is meant to be tasted. Still, what a fantastic idea…chocolate on a stick!  Jeff de Bruges, various locations around the world.