Hot Chocolate at Moca Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam

My guidebook, and several locals all told us to try Moca Café when I asked them for a good place for a hot chocolate. It is in a colonial era building very close to the St Joseph’s Cathedral and the Ba Da Pagoda.

When we got there, the place was empty. We grabbed a seat near the window and sat down. After a few minutes we looked around, and there were several staff at the counter, all watching us like we are the show. Finally we got up and ask for a menu and brought it back to the table.  After a few more minutes we decide that we must need to go up to the counter to order so we did and 30 second later our drinks were delivered.

The whole time we were drinking the staff kept staring at us. It was the strangest thing. Were we doing something wrong? In the background they were playing English love songs from the 80’s. There are some beautiful elements to this café.  Small white tables with dark wooden chairs and the old lamp shades give is a romantic feel. There is a large coffee roaster near the door and a range of coffee beans in wooden boxes along the back wall. Apparently this is the place for coffee and the Vietnamese love their coffee.

Moca Café doesn’t love their hot chocolate as much. Mine was a mug of hot milk with a squirt of sweet chocolate syrup. But I can imagine when this place is full, with the atmosphere on any other day I would have enjoyed it enough.

Verdict: If it wasn’t for the staff starring at us I would come back here, maybe not for the hot chocolate but I’d find something else. The view out of the window of the busy street is beautiful and the café has a slight nostalgic and romantic feel to it. In the afternoons and evenings it gets very busy with local youth and has a much more vibrant atmosphere.  Moca Café, 14-16 Nha Tho Street, Hanoi Vietnam

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