When March comes around, all everyone seems to be talking about in Houston is Rodeo. This makes sense of course because the rodeo in Houston is big, big like Texas, seriously big. When I first arrived in Houston I was disappointed that there weren’t any cowboy hats and cowboy boots to be seen on the streets, it just isn’t that kind of place despite its location. But one month a year everyone dusts off those boots and hats, puts them on and heads over to the Rodeo. In fact this year 2.48 million people attended the rodeo! Yup, they don’t do things small here.




There is so much to the Houston Rodeo that it would just be impossible to fully describe it here. In one area you have the livestock shows happening during the day. Cows, pigs, goats all being brushed and prettied up and showed off. Sheep dogs compete to see who can round up 3 little sheep the fastest. In another corner several sheep, horses, cows and pigs are just about to or have just given birth surrounded by an audience of fascinated adults and children. There is a large area with stores to buy yourself a cowboy hat, boots, jackets. Outside are a selection of large tents are filled with food, in particular BBQ including giant turkey legs that look like they have come straight out of the Flintstones. Beyond that there is a large area with an amusement park that has almost every ride you can imagine. There is another arena with horse shows and races, and smaller one with little pigs racing around a track. Then of course there is the main attraction that starts every night at 6 pm and goes until late in the stadium, the rodeo itself. To start, there’s the nightly competition, which is a couple of hours of bareback riding, team roping, saddle bronc riding, steer wrestling, barrel racing and mutton bustin’ and then a concert to finish off the night. To top all of that off there are all the side events, a wine festival, a chili cook-off, trail rides, parades and the list goes on and on and on. There is really no shortage of things happening during rodeo time.

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So as this is a hot chocolate blog, I just had to find a hot chocolate so I could share the rodeo with you. Unfortunately, the one thing rodeo is not about is hot chocolate, and the one I found and bought was so absolutely disgusting that we didn’t even drink it, and the stall didn’t even have a name on it. To be honest I have no idea what was in the cup. But really people don’t go to the Rodeo to drink hot chocolate…unless they had some special Rodeo hot chocolates. BBQ hot chocolate, hot chocolate flavoured with BBQ ribs, or maybe even come with a little juicy rib to stir through it. Fried hot chocolate, Twinkie hot chocolate, the options are endless…very possibly all incredibly disgusting…but endless.



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Verdict: A million reasons to visit Houston Rodeo. Hot Chocolate isn’t one of them…but that’s ok. Houston Rodeo is a crazy thing. Houston Rodeo