On the drive along the coast from Melbourne to Sydney, as you get close to Sydney you may start seeing signs for Helensburgh on the side of the road and will probably not even think twice about stopping. I’d think again. Not only are the views along the coast from here absolutely stunning but there is another yummier reason to stop; Big Sister Horsie.



Come again? Yes, Big Sister Horsie is a hidden gem and when I say hidden I mean hidden. The café is a small aluminum building surrounded by gorgeous gum trees with spots to sit both inside and outside. It is tucked on a side road in a light industrial area. It is amazing that anyone can find it, but in fact everyone has found it. This was the place to be this morning in Helensburgh and I suspect every morning, afternoon and evening (and now that they are open on Sundays as too).



When I first heard that the name of this tiny café was Big Sister Horsie I stopped and mulled it over. It makes no sense the first 10 times you say it. And then all of a sudden it becomes catchy and sinks in. There is of course a story behind this name. The owner, a young Italian man, let his young daughter Luna choose the name of the café. She suggested Big Sister Horsie. Luna was in the store today, helping her father out (in spirit) and eating gelato. And she wasn’t the only one, every kid from the neighborhood was here this morning, and most of them were eating the ridiculously good freshly made gelato. The parents were all enjoying the delicious breakfasts offered here. The bacon and egg sandwich….hmmm…my mouth is watering just thinking about it.


The service was slow, but really who was in a rush anyway – it was all worth the wait. My hot chocolate was beautifully presented in a small glass on a black saucer sprinkled with chocolate powder. It tasted a lot less chocolatey than it looked, it was more of a large warm glass of hot milk with a very slight tinge of chocolate. But I enjoyed it and would have it again.



Verdict: Great spot, just needs a beautiful thick Italian hot chocolate and it would give me a reason to visit Helensburgh again and again! Big Sister Horsie, 17 Cemetery Rd, Helensburgh, Australia