I love Cambridge. I was lucky enough to live in Cambridge for several years. I still consider it a home although I don’t get to visit nearly as much as I’d like to. I highly recommend that anyone travelling to London take a day, at least a day, and visit Cambridge (only 45 mins away by train). Rain, hail or shine, chances are you too will love it.




The whole central area of town is a large pedestrian mall filled with small stores surrounded by the stunning buildings that make up the University of Cambridge. Look carefully as you walk; there are bikes everywhere. Those good looking guys in shorts and flip flops offering to bring you punting are the real deal, although not everything that they will tell you on your trip down the river Cam will be entirely true …but it is entertaining. You don’t need them though, you can hire the punt yourself and have a go (easier if you bring a bottle of wine with you). After your punt down the river Cam, go shopping in the market and pick up fresh bread and cheese etc. and take them to one of the many parks around the downtown for a picnic. Another great spot to pick up food is a long time favourite of mine, Radmore Farm Shop. Look out for the roaming cows in the parks too – their main job is to cut the grass, and they are completely harmless and very cute. Don’t just stay where the tourists are. Pick a student or someone who looks local and follow them for a while (not in a creepy way), as they are likely to bring you in a direction you wouldn’t necessarily have gone and then you will likely discover more of what makes Cambridge so special. Did I say how much I love Cambridge?


Every time I visit there are more and more hot chocolate related reasons to love Cambridge. 6 icecream is one more, and this one is great because not only does it offer a nice hot chocolate…but it has even better icecream.

Everyday the flavours change, the icecream that is. Today it was green apple sorbet, Cambridge cream, rose cream, roasted caramel banana, saffron and salted pistachios, all made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Next to the icecream is a fantastic little platter filled with tasty extras, chocolate flakes, honeycomb, peanuts, and you can add them at no extra charge.

Naturally I ordered a hot chocolate as well, which is 70% chocolate melted in hot milk, and I could find no fault. I had an icecream, then a hot chocolate, and then almost had another icecream. A perfect combination really! The space is tiny but cheerful and inviting. It is also right in the heart of town. Perfect really.

Before or after having your icecream/hot chocolate combination, make sure you grab a real ale at the historic Eagle pub next door (and be sure to read the graffiti on the roof) or some great sausages and mash at The Chop House restaurant at the corner. There, you will also likely find yourself in front of the now famous Corpus Clock.

As good as 6 Icecream is, it isn’t the only foodie paradise in Cambridge. I discovered this spot thanks to Heidi from Eat Cambridge. Eat Cambridge is a two week festival of local food and drink that takes place in May every year. Whether or not you can make it for the festival, try to visit beautiful Burwash Manor just outside the city or for a good overview of what’s yum in town, take the Cambridge Food Tour.






Verdict: A great spot to visit, regardless of what time of day, the weather or the time of year. They have you covered. 6 Icecream, 6 Benet Street, Cambridge, United Kingdom