A day in and around Kyoto and a Hot Chocolate at Mariebelle, Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is a truly magical place. I could spend days, maybe even a lifetime, walking through the streets and taking it all in. There are so many little shops where the owner is one of generations of family members making the same thing, in pretty much the same way for many years, and doing it perfectly. We bought chopsticks from a chop stick store, tried milk skins from a man who just lifts the solid skin that forms on the top of hot milk all day, every day. We ventured back and forth through Nishiki market admiring hundreds of different [...]

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A quick hot chocolate at Coco, Kyoto, Japan

I like my beans roasted. That’s my preference. The roasting process just brings out a depth of flavour that I crave and have never found in raw chocolate. The texture, the mouth feel, nothing is quite the same with raw chocolate. But raw chocolate has a serious fan base and because of this, there is usually at least one hot chocolate spot in most cities offering raw chocolate. We came across Coco Kyoto completely by accident (we were actually looking for tea, a change for me!). But I find it physically difficult to not stop when I see a sign [...]

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