Hot Chocolate at Jean Paul Hevin, Tokyo, Japan

If you are a chocolate lover, Tokyo might not seem like the most obvious place to visit. But it absolutely should be. Not only is Tokyo home to its own amazing home grown chocolatiers and chocolate makers, Tokyo is also where many of the French and Belgian chocolatiers are setting up their first shops abroad. Not London, or New York, Tokyo. Yes you can get KitKats in every flavour imaginable, but there is so much high quality chocolate that it will make your head spin (especially if you add in all of the other amazing food you need to experience [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Minimal, Tokyo, Japan

When you travel to a new city as a tourist it is easy to fill your trip with destinations that are the most popular with other tourists, the temples, the flashy lights. Sometimes these areas get so popular with the tourists that the locals themselves stop visiting, or visit less. It transforms into something different than what once attracted the tourists to visit in the first place, but still, the tourists keep flocking. So as a tourist we often go searching for those areas that the tourists haven’t found yet. But even those areas, we are often not alone since [...]

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A Walk around Asakusa and a Hot Chocolate at Dandelion in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the most amazing city. You could spend a lifetime here and only scratch the surface of what it has to offer. On the very first day of our trip to Japan, we chose to set up in the gorgeous neighbourhood of Asakusa. Asakusa is famous for its Buddhist temple, Senso-ji, a very popular place for locals. To get to the temple you walk along the Nakamise shopping street, weaving in and out of all the shops so you don’t miss all the interesting things they sell here (including freshly made rice crackers). Wonder away from the market street [...]

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Hot Chocolate in Japan Airlines Lounge, Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan

I joked when I knew I was going to have 4 hours at Narita Airport that I’d have to find a hot chocolate to tell you about in Japan. I have never been to Japan before but have always wanted to visit so I was so excited to have a sneak peak at the airport. The airport is full of little stores selling beautifully packaged sweet treats made of red beans and green tea. I bought a few for my family and then proceeded to the lounge. I was so lucky to have access to the Japan Airlines Lounge on [...]

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