Hot Chocolate at Moca Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam

My guidebook, and several locals all told us to try Moca Café when I asked them for a good place for a hot chocolate. It is in a colonial era building very close to the St Joseph’s Cathedral and the Ba Da Pagoda. When we got there, the place was empty. We grabbed a seat near the window and sat down. After a few minutes we looked around, and there were several staff at the counter, all watching us like we are the show. Finally we got up and ask for a menu and brought it back to the table.  [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Helio, Hanoi, Vietnam

Every day, several times a day, tourists and locals alike line up to watch the Water Puppet show at Thank Long Theatre. Puppetry is a traditional art form used in all corners of the country. The show happens in a small theatre filled with bright red chairs. For 45 minutes you are transported on a journey through the country side of Vietnam. Musicians play a range of traditional music and instruments and accompany a range of gorgeous little wooden puppets that seem to magically emerge from the water and dance around. I loved every second of it and would go [...]

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Hot Chocolate at City View Cafe, Hanoi, Vietnam

Early in the morning Hanoi seems empty but if you think that everyone is still sleeping, think again. They are all doing their exercise around Hoan Kiem Lake. There are groups doing tai chi, others doing dances with fans. A rather large group is dancing Merengue. There is even several lines of people giving each other standing up massages. The rest are walking around the lake, doing 3 km laps while watching the sunrise over the water. Hoan Kiem means Lake of the Restored Sword. According to the legend the emperor handed a magic sword which brought him victory in [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Baguette & Chocolate, Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam is a fascinating country, so much richer and deeper than I ever realised. There are 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam all with their own cultures and customs. The main group, the Viet, account for approximately 87% of the population. The remaining 13%, some 8.5 million people, spread out across the country have incredibly interesting and rich cultures that are celebrated at the very interesting Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi. Museumas are a tricky thing when travelling. Everyone always tells you to go to Museums but most of time they are dark and dull spaces. This place is a highlight [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Cafe Nhan, Hanoi, Vietnam

Today we met up with my friend An. An is from Hanoi but I met her in the US when we were both doing a course together there. That was in 2004 and I haven't seen her since so it was so nice to see her again and to get a little introduction to Hanoi from a local perspective. We spent a few hours visiting the Temple of Literature, the first national university in Vietnam. It was build in 1070 and is dedicated to Confucius. An tells us that this is a popular spot today for students studying for exams. [...]

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Hot Chocolate at the Sofitel, Hanoi, Vietnam

The Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel in Hanoi has a Chocolate Buffet. Yes, you heard me correctly; an all you can eat buffet celebrating chocolate. I found this out while doing my research on Hanoi and so we made a point to visit the Sofitel near the French Quarter one day at 3pm, right when it started. The Sofitel is quite a stunning hotel. It is a gorgeous colonial style building. The hotel also has a very rich history and several information panels along the walls introduce you to some of the highlights of that history. Guests at the hotel also [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Cafe Nang, Hanoi, Vietnam

What better way to start off a day trip to Hanoi than an early morning walking tour of the Old Quarter. At 5.45am we meet up with our guide Tuy to explore the empty streets and narrow alleyways of this old and vibrant city. Everyone is just waking up and getting to business. Baskets of freshly made noodles are being dropped off in front of restaurants. Tiny plastic chairs are being set up along the sidewalk where the locals are sitting to eat their breakfast of Pho or rice pancakes filled with ground pork and mushrooms. At the end of [...]

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