Hot chocolate at Chocolate Soldier, Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane doesn’t get a lot of credit from the other cities in Australia. If you were to go to Australia you would visit Melbourne or Sydney first, maybe even Adelaide before you might venture over to Brisbane.  I took a tour one day while in Brisbane and the guide even said that Brisbane has as much culture as a small pot of yogurt. I’m still not sure if that means it has very little culture or a whole lot – guess it depends on the type of yoghurt ….. Compared to other cities in Australia it has a lot less, [...]

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Hot Chocolate on Qantas Flight, somewhere over the Pacific, Australia

The flight from Dallas to Brisbane is one of the longest flight in the world and by far the single longest flight I have ever taken. Today the flight took a little over 16 hours which is a very, very long time to be sitting in a plane, especially in Economy! Luckily the seat next to me was empty so I had a little bit more space to breathe. Airlines always come by with coffee and tea after every meal, but the reason I love Qantas is because after the traditional coffee and tea cart they have a special cart [...]

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