Breakfast in Roma – Hot Chocolate at Cafe Toscano, Mexico City, Mexico

One of the things that I think unites some of the best cities in the world is that they close major streets to cyclists, walkers and runners on Sunday mornings. It is such a fantastic idea and I think the city and locals alike are often surprised at just how many cyclists magically appear every Sunday morning to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to meander around their beautiful cities. We were impressed to see that Mexico City does this too. As we walked to find breakfast, we came across several streets that were closed this morning, including a relaxing [...]

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A Walk Around Av. Amsterdam – Hot Chocolate at Tout Chocolat, Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

Av. Amsterdam may be my favourite street in Condesa. It is a wide road with a beautiful pedestrian path in the middle that is covered in greenery. Through the greenery you get glimpses of the interesting and diverse styles of buildings on either side of the street. Walking along this path with the locals you feel like you live here, like you could live here or in our case like we’d love to live here! You can never get lost on Av. Amsterdam, or perhaps it is actually that you are always lost if you walk on Av. Amsterdam. The [...]

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A Visit to the Teotihuacan Pyramids – Hot Chocolate at Garufa, Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

Do you know that feeling when you are in a new city and you have to get breakfast but you really have no idea where to go to get some good food? This morning was like that. We knew that we were surrounded by incredible food (Mexico City knows how to do breakfast) but we weren’t sure what to choose. Street food? Sit down café? Restaurant? We followed our noses and our noses brought us to Garufa. We had the terrace all to ourselves. With classical music playing in the background, the extremely friendly staff treated us like we had [...]

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A Walk Through the Historic Centre – Hot Chocolate at El Moro, Mexico City, Mexico

When we walked into El Moro at 11am on a Saturday it was busy outside. Very busy. But when we walked out 30 minutes later it was insanely busy, and almost impossible to walk around. The historic center isn’t just of interest for the tourists. This is where the locals make their way in the thousands on the weekend to shop, eat, mingle and hang out. One needs to try to maneuver the crowds while looking up at the countless stunningly intricate buildings surrounding the Zocalo (Plaza de la Constitucion, the largest plaza in South America). More than 1500 buildings [...]

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Incredible Tamales and Champurrado – Hot Chocolate at Dona Emi, Mexico City, Mexico

To make the most of our limited time in Mexico City, we decided to get a guide for the day to bring us around the historic centre. Luckily for us we got David who was energetic, extremely knowledgeable and was just what we needed. At 8.30am when he arrived to pick us up we mentioned that we hadn’t managed to grab breakfast yet. Not a problem he said “I’ll take you to the best tamales in Mexico City”. We walked for 20 minutes through the colourful and very calm neighbourhoods of Condesa and then into Roma. Dona Emi’s was a [...]

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Welcome to Roma – Hot Chocolate at Abarrotes Delirio, Roma, Mexico City, Mexico

As part of our exploration of the Roma neighborhood, I had noted that we should stop for a hot chocolate and other treats at Delirio, a beautiful bakery created by famous Mexican chef Monica Patino. When we got there it was jam packed. We waited and waited but finally decided it just wasn’t going to work this time around and that we would try another time. We ended up stopped just a few blocks up the road at Abarrotes Delirio before realizing that the two places are connected! Unlike the main Delirio café down the street, this one was quiet, more [...]

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Life in Condesa – Hot Chocolate at Bo Pastisseria, Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

Apparently a study coming out of Harvard has found that two cups of hot chocolate a day strengthens and augments your mental capabilities. Not really a surprise if you ask me. Good news for me…and you…and Bo Pastisseria, my daily ‘local’ hot chocolate fix in Mexico City. Mexico City is not an early rising city. Nothing seems to open until at least 8am or later, not even for coffee (just to torture poor Rich) or hot chocolate. But Bo Pastisseria is worth the wait. Bo is tiny. Inside there is a small table with a couple of chairs and the [...]

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Chocolate and Mezcal – Hot Chocolate at Que Bo!, Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico

We arrived in Mexico City late in the afternoon, and even though we were tired we decided that we still needed to go out and start exploring. So why not start with an evening food tour? That would give us the chance to walk around a neighbourhood, learn more about the city and most importantly eat lots of fantastic food without having to think about much at all. Sold. The only evening tour I could find for that night was in Polanco, the most luxurious neighbourhood of Mexico City which is filled with apartments worth millions of dollars and luxury [...]

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