Union Square and a Hot Chocolate at Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolate, New York, USA

I love wandering around Union Square. Just a stone’s throw away from the craziness of Times Square, Union Square is the opposite. On one side the New York Public Library stands majestically and silently. On the other side is a beautiful green space with a large area of grass to set yourself down on, or many chairs around the site where you can set up and spend the day. There are ping pong tables, an outdoor library with books and newspapers you can read for free, concerts in the summer, stands to buy coffee. It is a little pocket of [...]

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Hot Chocolate and lots of Alpacas at Bibble and Sip, New York, USA

In the heart of the theatre district, nestled between The Gershwin theatre where the musical Wicked is showing and an Irish pub, is small but mighty Bibble and Sip. If you didn’t know it was here you would likely not find it (I guess that applies to almost everything in busy Manhattan). But I knew it was here and I knew that they had a hot chocolate I wanted to try. What I didn’t realize what that they also gave me my yearly dose of Alpacas which, to be honest, I never realized I needed until I was immersed in [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Cocoa & Cardamon, Houston, USA

I wouldn’t call Houston the ultimate hot chocolate destination…or even a hot chocolate destination at all. Houstonians aren’t really into hot chocolate and understandably so as it is hot here, really hot, melting hot. But I think Houstonians have also not really been interested in hot chocolate because they haven’t had anyone in the city show them how incredible a real hot chocolate can be (no, that chocolate like drink at Starbucks is not a hot chocolate). That is until now. Now Houstonians have Cocao & Cardamon. From now on, I will remember Houston as one of the cities I [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Cafe Brazil, Houston, USA

Cafe Brazil is one of those places I love, over do it a bit and get tired of and don’t go for a long time, before finding myself there again and loving it all over again, wondering why I stayed away. Every time I go through this cycle (and this happens several times a year), I order their hot chocolate, very specifically their Mexican hot chocolate which comes with a hint of cinnamon and a tiny bit of kick. I'm not even sure if it is on their menu as I've just asked for it by name for years. It [...]

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A Hot Chocolate and Lunch at Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant, Big Sur, California, USA

Tucked behind a gas station off California’s legendary Highway 1, we missed this Bakery the first time we drove past and had to do a U turn (not easy on Big Sur, not easy at all). Housed in a converted ranch house, nestled amongst a sea of cactus, the Big Sur Bakery should be a must stop for anyone tackling the drive along Big Sur. The atmosphere is welcoming, friendly and relaxed. The whole space is about slowing down, savouring the moment. The food here is so good. They are focused on the idea of slow food, beautifully created dishes, [...]

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A Beautiful Drive and a Hot Chocolate at Café Kevah, Big Sur, USA

Big Sur is one of those epic drives that one needs to do in a lifetime, especially if you are in the US. It is as grand and magical as people say, and much more relaxing than I expected. But don't just drive along the road. Along the way there are dozens of small parks  that you can stop at to stretch your legs, many with beaches. This is where you can really appreciate the beauty of the coast, the vibrant colours, the crisp air. Stop and take pictures at Point Lobos State Reserve, take pictures at Bixby Bridge and the lighthouse [...]

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A Scenic Drive and a Hot Chocolate at Carmel Coffee & Cocoa Bar, Carmel by Sea, USA

Carmel is a beautiful little town. It is obviously a playground for the rich and famous that live in the mansions surrounding the town (and in the charming little hobbit like houses dotted around town). It is also known for being full of artists, writers and poets. Clint Eastwood is also its mayor. The town is just a short drive away from Monterrey. Although you need to pay a little bit to access the road, the 17 Mile Drive between Carmel and Monterrey was beautiful, with lots of stunning stops to admire perfect beaches and wildlife on one side, and [...]

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A few days at Yosemite and a Hot Chocolate at the Big Trees Lodge, USA

First protected in 1864, Yosemite National Park is 1,200 square miles of deep valleys, grand meadows, ancient giant sequoias, vast wilderness areas and some pretty large wild beasts. Yosemite is stunning. All the famous landmarks are famous for a reason, the rock formations, half dome, cathedral Rocks. Stop to walk around the Majestic Yosemite Hotel and plan as much time in the park as you can. Believe the hype and enjoy the pictures. We stayed in Wawona at the Big Trees Lodge because there was nothing else available in the park. Staying at Big Trees Lodge was one of the [...]

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