I walked by this café a few times before I finally decided to venture in. The reason? A big florescent sign that said Chocolate y churros on the front window was all I needed. Inside the café is a little bit worn out but I found myself a little corner with a nice view out of the window and asked for chocolate y churros.

Five minutes later I was presented with a cup of hot chocolate and a generous serving of churros, 6 in total. The churros are hot, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The hot chocolate is thick and gooey, like a hot chocolate pudding. It is presented with a spoon because it is pretty much impossible to drink. On its own the hot chocolate is pretty gooey and sweet but with the churros it is exactly as it should be and a fantastic combination.

Verdict: Before or after you finish discovering the charming little lanes of the old part of the city, venture over to Café del Arenal for Chocolate and Churros. It is a must when you are in Spain and these ones are good! (4.70 euros for both or 2.10 just for the chocolate, 2.60 for churros). Cafe del Arenal, Paseo Arenal 5, Bilbao, Spain.