“Chocolate now has become something that is tipped out of a little paper bag, into a cup, dissolved with hot water and served with artificial whipped cream or a marshmallow stuck on top. This is not hot chocolate and it really pains me to think that a whole generation is growing up never knowing the glories of a truly well-made cup of hot chocolate”. James Beard, 1974

Hi. My name is Giselle Weybrecht. I love travelling, I love hot chocolate and I’m passionate about sustainability. This blog brings these three loves of mine together.

Here I share my travels around the world in search of the ultimate hot chocolate. Along the way I have learned more about the rich history, stories, sustainability issues, and people behind this surprisingly under-appreciated drink than I could have ever imagined. I share a small part of this here. So far I’ve reviewed over 500 hot chocolates from 23 countries (and counting!!).

What started out as a love of hot chocolate has turned into so much more. I am a trained chocolatier (through Ecole Chocolate) and chocolate taster (Level 2 with the International Institute of Chocolate & Cocoa Tasting). My work (I am a global expert working on sustainability and business/education issues with a range of organisations, in particular the United Nations) and my obsession for hot chocolate have merged and I now use chocolate as a way to raise awareness about sustainability issues and vice versa. I founded the School of Sustainable Chocolate, organise events and field trips on sustainability and chocolate for businesses and universities and am currently working on a book all about, yes you guessed it, hot chocolate.

If you think hot chocolate is a sweet, powdery drink for kids, then think again. Chocolate is as complex as wine or coffee, and the world is full of really interesting hot chocolates. Every country has their own take of this once sacred drink. So take a look around the site, I promise you will find one you love too.

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