I’ve had hot chocolates in a lot of different countries over the years. It always fascinates me how every country does it slightly differently. I like how the Spanish create their hot chocolate. It is usually thick and gooey here, like pudding, but still not as sweet as you would expect.

Bokado is a bar/café/restaurant above the Aquarium in San Sebastian. From here you have a stunning view of the town.

The café itself is very crisp and clean looking. Everything in the café is either grey or white and very modern. It is Sunday which means everyone is out walking with family and friends and many stop here and at other cafes to grab a drink. I am the only person drinking alone but that doesn’t fuss me because the hot chocolate was good. It was thick, the consistency of a rich chocolate pudding but not heavy or sweet.

Verdict: Fantastic view, good hot chocolate, what else do you need? There are few places as beautiful as San Sebastian. Bokado 3 euros