Last year I was lucky to be able to spend an incredible week with all my friends and family in the beautiful region of Tuscany in Italy. We rented a house and for 7 days just took it all in; the food, the wine, and yes, the hot chocolate.
A trip early on to the supermarket to buy basics for the house is where I bought a little box of Cameo Ciobar hot chocolate. I drank all of it that week but kept one little pouch of powder to savour on back at home.

A few days ago while cleaning up my hot chocolate cupboard I came across it and thought that today was the perfect day to try it. I emptied the powder into a saucepan with 125ml of milk and after only a few minutes the powder had turned into a beautiful rich and creamy chocolate. A pouch makes a large shot, or an expresso cup worth of hot chocolate and that is all you need. It is like pudding, gorgeous and rich. This took me straight back to Tuscany. I can hear the church bells ringing as I sip it now.

Verdict: If you are ever in Italy they have beautiful rich and creamy hot chocolates. But if you can’t make it to a cafe get your hands on a box of Cameo Ciobar so you can enjoy it at home over and over again. Bells and pizza unfortunately not included.