Scandi KitchenTrying to find a spot for lunch in Fitsrovia in London that has space for strollers is a challenge. Somehow today luck was on our side and we managed to find space at the extremely busy and very popular Scandinavian Kitchen.   Thanks to Bronte (a Dane) and Jonas (a Swede), London has its own little Scandinavian food paradise. Back in 2006 they were walking the streets of London looks for some good food from back home and found nothing and were inspired to open this hot spot.


IMG_3342There are two parts to Scandi Kitchen. First they import food from home to sell. This includes everything from candy, alcohol, breads, cheese and all sorts of other goodies, also available online. Second they have a selection of beautiful food that you can eat in or take away.  To round that all up they have a great sense of humor. They have a blackboard they put out on the sidewalk everyday with a different saying. Today it said “I like big buns and I cannot lie”. The website has pictures of past board sayings including “Goodness Gracious Meatballs on fire”, “May the Norse be with you”, “Swede child of mine” and even “Free meatballs for all nudists”.



I wanted to order everything they had, but settled on a plate with Swedish meatballs and a selection of three of their popular salads, one with sweet potatoes, another with beetroots and apples. We also ordered a mixed platter of Swedish Tunnbrod, little pieces of bread covered with tasty delights, one with smoked salmon, another with an egg mixture, all very tasty.

Of course we finished off lunch with a hot chocolate. It too, like everything else here, was Scandanavian.  It was made with O’boy, the best selling Scandinavian instant chocolate milk drink. (Check out this fantastic advertisement from O-boy from the mid-90’s). Although it seems to be a hot chocolate for kids, I would argue that it is too rich and creamy for kids and all this goodness should be reserved for adults instead! It was very enjoyable, one I could easily make a habit of drinking.


IMG_6161Verdict: The world needs more Scandi Kitchens…as long as they keep offering O-boy chocolate! Scandinavian Kitchen,  61 Great Titchfield Street, London, UK