After my traumatizing hot chocolate experience at Kehrwieder, we ventured across the street to the more modern Anneli Viik Chocolates. The young woman at the counter must have seen my desperation because, for 3.50 euros, she presented me with a beautiful, decadent and rich hot chocolate which I enjoyed every drop of. Opened in 2004, all the chocolates sold in the store are created in the back in an area viewable from the seating area at the front of the tiny café. Anneli Viik opened her chocolate shop after a stint as an investment banker. Her love of chocolate pulled her in this new direction and her little store has been a hit ever since.







After your hot chocolate (and inevitably the truffles and cakes you will be tempted to buy along with it), luckily Tallinn is a pefect place to burn off those extra calories. Tallinn is only 2 hours away from Helsinki by boat, with most visitors coming just for the day. It is a short walk from the port to the old town of Tallinn which has been preserved and it simply stunning. Built up between the 13th to 16th centuries, the city is not surprisingly UNESCO World Heritage listed. Inside its walls, despite the heavy influx of tourists during the day, it feels genuine. There are quite a few locals living, working and socializing here. Even the medieval restaurants don’t feel as touristy as they could (and the one we went to had excellent food). There are lots of interesting stores including Etti which sells a range of local crafts including beautiful wooden cutting boards. On the main square we tried a traditional drink made from yogurt and four grains at a modern Estonian restaurant called Kaerajaan, worth a visit for the food atmosphere and terrace (and the second floor bathroom which is located inside an old chimney). Take any road in the old town and you will be rewarded with colorful buildings, terracotta roofs. For 3 euros you can climb to the top of the medieval wall surrounding the city, up a narrow spiral staircase for views of city or venture up the hill to the upper town for even better birds eye views.









Verdict: It may not be the most historic or charming of the hot chocolate cafes in the old town, but it had the best hot chocolate hands down. Anneli Viik Chocolates, Pikk 30, Tallinn, Estonia