Bar Chocolat is perfectly located if you make your way across town to visit one of the main attractions of Bristol, the Clifton Suspension Bridge. It is a gorgeous walk from the center of Bristol to this neighbourhood. I walked up College Green, past University of Bristol and then along Queens Road all the way to Victoria Square. I then took the little path that cuts across Victoria Square, which brought me to a series of little stores and a beautiful shopping archway. I then crossed Clifton Down Road, before making my way to The Mall and Bar Chocolat. This whole area is very cute and charming.






Once there, you have the choice of having your hot chocolate before or after visiting the bridge, as it’s literally just around the corner. Originally designed in the early 19th century for light horse drawn traffic, the bridge still manages to support the 11-12,000 cars that cross it every day now. Walk across it and back, walk through the park and take pictures of it from above, or sit yourself at the café nearby and enjoy the view from there.

Bar Chocolat is located in the heart of a neighbourhood called Clifton Village. While I sat sipping my hot chocolate, I had so much fun listening to all the locals having their conversations, calling out to people they knew as they walked by. A table of friends sitting near me where shouting across to others sitting at the pub across the street discussing who was superior, the beer drinkers or the chocolate drinkers (obvious answer). The staff/owners are so friendly I felt welcomed and sat here for ages enjoying the sun and smiles.




I ordered their Ultimate Hot Chocolate, a pure melted Belgian chocolate topped with marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate flakes. I’m not sure what came over me. Actually I do know. I saw the words ultimate hot chocolate and ignored everything else written on the sign and thought, this hot chocolate is calling out to me, lets go for it. This is one decadent dessert. There was chocolate everywhere, on my mug, the table, my face, my notes, everywhere. If you are a chocolate lover you will love this. I should have known. When I ordered it the man at the counter said, with a huge smile on his face, “I respect you…enjoy!”. Once I got through all of the toppings, the hot chocolate was quite nice. Just to be sure though, Rich arrived 20 minutes later, saw the mess I had created, and ordered their house blend dark chocolate and we thoroughly enjoyed that one.






Verdict: Great spot. If you are looking for a dinner option go to The Clifton Sausage (7 Portland Street, just next to Bar Chocolat). Perfect afternoon. Thank you Bar Chocolat, 19 The Mall, Bristol, United Kingdom.