I’m already feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. It may be because of the uncharacteristic warm weather, cool breeze and clear blue skies. But it is probably because I am in Bath, home of the ancient Roman Baths. And you don’t even need to take an actual bath here to feel the benefits. A quick walk around is all you need.

If like many you arrive in Bath via train, luckily the train station is right in the center of town. Walk out, cross the street and walk into the Southgate area, you’ll find yourself on a pedestrian mall lined with stores. Keep walking up the hill until you see the beautiful Bath Cathedral to your right. Walk over, take a quick look around and if you need a bit of fuel to help you with your exploration visit Sally Lunn and try their famous bun. When you get out walk back towards the cathedral and visit the Roman Baths. Don’t miss this. The baths are not only beautiful but really interesting and a great way to spend an hour. After this, explore the streets and alley ways as you continue to walk up the hill, up Milsom st, turn left on to George St then right on Gay street to the circus, a circular park surrounded by stunning buildings. Take the first left down Brock street to Royal Crescent. Find an empty spot of grass and take a bit of time to just take it all in.   If you need lunch stop in at on Wood St and pick something up to enjoy at one of the many parks in the area. I had the parma ham, roasted vegetables sun dried tomato mozzarella ciabatta which was so good. Everything here looks beautiful and the owner is really fantastic.




Walk across the downtown to Upper Boro Walls to the bridge and loop back around to the Cathedral. If you have more time just keep walking around this compact downtown area. Every street has something beautiful and interesting.

When it is time to go, walk back to the train station. Café au Lait is a great independent cafe just across the front door to the station so it is a perfect spot to spend a few moments before hopping on your train. I was told to visit because they are famous for their hot chocolate. They have four options. Their house hot chocolate, a white hot chocolate used from single origin from Ivory Coast, the medium hot chocolate made from 58% cocoa from Venezuela and the one I choose, the Dark Hot Chocolate made with 75% cocoa from Haiti.  You don’t often see single origin chocolate from Haiti…or at least I haven’t, so this was a treat.

They put a lot of love into their drinks. Their milk is steamed to 60 degrees to optimize the sweetness, body and texture of the milk. Once you pass this point, the protein in the milk beings to break down, compromising the texture and flavour of the drink.  I grabbed the comfy seat next to the window and watched Bath go by.





Verdict: Bath is such a gorgous spot. Believe the hype. Start or end your day around Bath here. Café au Lait, 12/14 Dorchester Street, Bath, United Kingdom