Hi. My name is Giselle. I love travelling and I love hot chocolate. This blog brings these two loves together.

This blog is a a journey around the world in search of the ultimate hot chocolate, complete with not just where to find the best hot chocolates, but travel tips to help you get there. I have had hot chocolates in over 55 countries and there are now over 400 hot chocolates from 20 countries reviewed on this site (and counting!).

What started as a love for hot chocolate turned into so much more. Since starting this blog I have trained as a chocolatier and chocolate taster. I advise cafes about hot chocolate offerings and take part in festivals. I have travelled around the world collecting the fantastic stories behind chocolate from the makers, farmers, chefs. I have been diving into the history, present and future of this decadent and seriously under appreciated drink. I also use chocolate as a way to raise awareness about sustainability issues and vice versa. I founded the School of Sustainable Chocolate, organise events and field trips on sustainaiblity and chocolate for businesses and universities and am currently working on a book all about, yes you guessed it, hot chocolate.

If you think hot chocolate is a sweet, powdery drink for kids, then think again. Chocolate is as complex as wine or coffee, and the world is full of really interesting hot chocolates. Every country has their own take on this once sacred drink. So take a look around the site, I promise you will find one you love too.

Thanks for following!  Questions? Recommendations? Proposals? Please get in touch giselle [at] ultimatehotchocolate [dot] com


Where to taste the best hot chocolates in the world

Published in the Globe and Mail, December 30th 2017.

Feature on National Radio (10 minutes)

Blueprint for Living, February 2, 2018.

One page feature in Gourmet Traveller magazine

April 2018