Hi. My name is Giselle. I love travelling and I love hot chocolate. This blog brings these two loves together.

I started this blog a few years ago so that my family could keep track of where I was travelling and what I was up to. Through it I share the interesting locations that I visit on my travels around the world with tips and advice on what to visit and how to visit them. Each blog post also features a hot chocolate.

I love good chocolate.  I’m a trained chocolatier, chocolate taster, judge and writer. I do chocolate tastings and love to introduce people to not only good chocolate but the fantastic stories behind the chocolate, especially bean to bar. I use chocolate as a way to raise awareness about sustainability issues and vice versa (my other life). I founded the School of Sustainable Chocolate and am currently working on a book all about, yes you guess it, hot chocolate.

My focus is really on the off the beaten path, little independent businesses and spots where the locals hang out, where you can get a feel for the culture and people and that have interesting stories. These are spots you might not think of visiting on your travels, but you should!

I travel constantly, both alone but most of the time with my family. My husband Rich can usually be found in at least one picture in almost every blog. (He is the handsome tall bald Aussie.) We also now have two, well travelled babies. One recently had his first hot chocolate.

Order the hot chocolate! If you think hot chocolate is a sweet, powdery drink for kids, then think again. Chocolate is as complex as wine or coffee, and the world is full of really interesting hot chocolates. Every country has their own take on this once sacred drink, so take a look around the site, I promise you will find one you love too.

Thanks for following my blog! Any more questions? Know a place I should visit? Want to work together? Please get in touch giselle [at] ultimatehotchocolate [dot] com