Meet the Maker: A Chat with Red Cacao, Stirling, Australia

I’m starting a new series called Meet the Maker. Here I will interview some of the owners/creators/makers of my favourite hot chocolates around the world to learn more about who they are, what they do, and why they do it! Today I spoke with the talented Marcus Booth-Remmers from Red Cacao in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills in Australia. To read my recent review of the hot chocolates at Red Cacao click here. Who are you? Marcus, Chocolatier and Owner at Red Cacao What kind of person are you: white, milk or dark? Dark - around 70% - single origin with [...]

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A Quick Visit to the Adelaide Hills and a Hot Chocolate at Red Cacao, Stirling, Australia

I have been to the Adelaide Hills many times and each time love it more than the last. It is the first place that I saw Koalas in the wild. But it is also covered in grape vines and beautiful vineyards with restaurants where you can sit, enjoy the wine, the views and just relax. There are many towns worth visiting in the Hills just a 20 minute drive from Adelaide, including Mount Baker, Hanhdorf, and our destination today, Stirling. Red Cacao alone is reason enough to visit the Adelaide Hills. Tucked in behind a row of shops, it has [...]

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Magic and a Hot Chocolate at Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters, Melbourne, Australia

We actually planned to go to Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters because of the coffee. We flipped a coin because I was more interested in going across the street to Hardware Societe to have one of their addictive hot chocolates (so much choice in the CBD). But when we sat down and I saw their menu, apparently my eyes started to twinkle.   Hash has a really fun hot chocolate. They serve you a cup piled high with fairy floss (cotton candy for those across the pond). The hot chocolate is presented alongside in a lab beaker. The idea, correction, [...]

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A New Yorker in Melbourne – Hot Chocolate at Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne, Australia

I have had many hot chocolates in New York, but none quite like this one at the Bowery in Melbourne Australia. The Bowery’s hot chocolate is the most American hot chocolate I can think of, but have never been able to find in the US. It is the hot chocolate I wish they served in New York, and that I think would do well there. For all the hot chocolates I have had in the US, I have never seen them combine the one ingredient that is perhaps the most American; peanut butter. Maybe it is like having a vegemite [...]

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Meet the Maker – A Chat with Xocolatl, Melbourne, Australia

I'm starting a new series called Meet the Maker. Here I will interview some of the owners/creators/makers of my favourite hot chocolates around the world to learn more about who they are, what they do, and why they do it! Today I'm starting with Madelaine from the wonderful Xocolatl in Melbourne, Australia. To read my recent review of the hot chocolates at Xocolatl click here. Who are you? My name is Madelaine Partsioglou I am the director, part owner, marketing manager, accounts manager, wholesale manager, retail manager, human resource manager, customer service manager and barista.  Jack of all trades, master [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Xocolatl, Melbourne, Australia

  A trip to Melbourne is always busy…beyond busy…crazy. My list of things to do grows and grows as the trip creeps closer and closer. That list is primarily made up of…yes you guessed it…new hot chocolates to try. The thing is, and the city confirms this every year I visit, Melbourne is the world capital for hot chocolates…not Paris, not Mexico City, not NYC, but Melbourne. You are spoiled for choice in this city that doesn’t view hot chocolates as another drink you can make with the chocolate syrup left over from making mochas. Hot chocolate is front and [...]

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The Ultimate Chili Hot Chocolate at Steve ter Horst Chocolatier, Adelaide, Australia

I have been to Adelaide several times with work, but I never saw it as I did today. It is a wonderfully compact and walkable city. The Central Business District with its must see market, the hustle and bustle of Rundell street featuring a range of Australian designers and restaurants. Step off Rundell street in any direction and you’ll find little gems for coffee or brunch. The CBD itself is surrounded by parklands, the river Torrens (we saw more than 1 black swan and pelican lazy on by), the Adelaide Botanical Garden and the Zoo. Beyond that you can easily [...]

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A scenic drive around the Grampians and a hot chocolate from Livefast, Halls Gap, Australia

If you only have one day to visit the Grampians, you can still get a lot out of it, as we did, with the following driving tour. Because of the time available, and our car full of little ones, we weren’t able to go out and do the long walks that are obviously a must when visiting the Grampians, but we sill had a fantastic drive. We started at Mokanger Farm Cottages where we stayed the night. Highly recommended (and of course make sure that you book dinner at the delicious Royal Mail Hotel in nearby Dunkeld). Head East along [...]

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