Beautiful Copenhagen and a Hot Chocolate at Royal Smushi Café, Copenhagen, Denmark

There is a small door just off Amagertorv road, sandwiched between two Danish superstars, the Georg Jensen jewelry store and the Royal Porcelain Shop. Venture through the door and you will find yourself in a small courtyard filled with dainty white tables covered by bright green umbrellas. Pass all of this and you will find the entrance to Royal Smushi Café. Royal Smushi Café takes its name from its food. Their specialty is the traditional Danish open faced sandwiches but served in miniature dollhouse size. The idea is that you can order, and try, more of them. Smoked salmon with [...]

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A Hot Chocolate and a Twirl Around the Magical Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, Denmark

I cannot even begin to describe how magical Tivoli is. Yes it is an amusement park in the traditional sense; you will find rides and balloons and fast food. But Tivoli is so much more than an amusement park, infinitely more. It is a space that really has something for everyone, regardless of your age, your interests, your mood, really anything. Tivoli is home to several hotels, as well as award winning restaurants with gorgeous terraces. There are gardens and grassy spaces to set up and watch concerts and outdoor movies. There are theatre and, concert halls where you can [...]

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A Walk Around Indre and a Hot Chocolate at Conditori La Glace, Copenhagen, Denmark

Indre (or in English “Inner City”) is a series of interwoven pedestrian streets connected by little arcades. All the streets are lined with shops, some cheap tourist shops with large troll statues guarding the entrance and red and white Danish flags for sale inside. Most of the smaller streets have a range of interesting and unique shops, galleries, and lots and lots of terraces. The most famous terraces of course are those along colourful Nyhavn with its 17th century townhouses and picture perfect setting. And her cakes look amazing. I really never realized how obsessed the Danish are with their [...]

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Danish Pastries and a Hot Chocolate at Lauras Bakery, Copenhagen, Denmark

I never realized how obsessed the Danish are with their pastries and desserts until I came here to Copenhagen. They are, after all, referred to as Danish Pastries or danishes. Turns out that Danish pastries were actually first made in 1840 by Austrian chefs, and are based on a sweet pastry, a type of puff pastry. They also use a lot of marzipan which we, very quickly, grew to love. Most evenings we bought ourselves a pastry for dessert from Lauras, trying a different type each time. There are the cinnamon and raison buns, or snails, with icing or with [...]

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A Visit to Papiroen, the Ultimate Food Truck Destination and a Hot Chocolate. Copenhagen, Denmark

The words “street” and “food” used together always make us perk up. As travellers, or even as locals, these two works usually mean a place where you can go to get really good food, simply made, that is quick and inexpensive but still really interesting. Street food is often the best version of well known dishes or an innovative take on the classics. Papiroen or Paper Island is Copenhagen’s street food destination. Standing at the end of Nyggen at sunset looking across the waters you see the island jam packed with people eating, drinking beers and enjoying the late afternoon [...]

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A Walk around Torvehallerne and a Hot Chocolate at Grannie’s House. Copenhagen, Denmark

I’ve already had a few posts from Torvehallerne market. We started and ended every day of our time in Copenhagen at the market and could have easily spent the whole day there lounging and drinking glasses of wine while eating tapas. Torvehallerne Market is located in the old market square of Copenhagen where, back in the days, a farmer’s market used to be located. But as the city became more industrialised the locals were more interested in shopping at the supermarkets and the farmer’s market quickly fell out of favour. Recently, a group of chefs in Copenhagen, led by the [...]

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A Trip to Christianshavn and a Hot Chocolate at Parterre, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rich and I sometimes invent words on our travels to describe situations we might get into. We have about a dozen of them that we have picked up over the years that we use regularly. Today we picked up a new one which I hope we will never have to use. The word is Parterre. For us, Parterre now means a place that gave every single indication that it was going to be beyond fantastic and ended up being really not that great. So let me explain. I did a lot of research of places to go, see and eat [...]

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A Perfect Breakfast at Torvehallerne and a Hot Chocolate at Grod, Copenhagen, Denmark

For our first morning in Copenhagen I had already written out exactly what we were going to do. Grod. Grod is one of those places that should exist everywhere around the world. It is just such an obviously good idea that it amazes me that it isn’t. That’s one of the fascinating things about travelling. You discover these great little businesses, based on such a simple concept that do so well and wonder why they aren’t in your city. Grod serves oatmeal. Just oatmeal since 2011. Well that isn’t completely true. In the afternoon and evening they also serve risotto. [...]

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