A Day in Trondheim and a Hot Chocolate at Skydsstation, Norway

Trondheim, the third largest city in Norway, was founded as a trading post by the Vikings in 997 AD. This makes it the oldest city in the country. I only had the opportunity to spend one full day here but I loved it. As I find whenever I travel to Norway, I feel I would be happy living here…if it were warm and sunny like it was today everyday. When I asked around to figure out which hot chocolate I should try in Trondheim I was directed to visit cheerful and friendly Gurli, the owner of Baklandet Skydsstation near Gamle [...]

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A Walk Around the Botanical Gardens and a Hot Chocolate at Kaffebrenneriet, Oslo, Norway

Kaffebrenneriet may be a popular chain found all around the city of Oslo, but it is a really good one. We picked their location in Gronlandsleiret as our second home and went repeatedly - I highly recommend that you do as well. It may be a little bit off the beaten path but it is worth the short trip. This is not just a branch of the popular café but also the headquarters for the company which was started in 1994. Originally from San Francisco, owner Thomas had recently arrived in Oslo and was looking for a good place to [...]

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A Walk Around Trendy Grunerlokka and a Hot Chocolate at Stockfleths, Oslo, Norway

There are a few popular coffee chains in Oslo. One that you see quite a bit is Stockfleths and luckily for us there was one right across the street from where we stayed. The company has a long and rich history. Started in 1895, the company is really focused on high quality sourcing of coffee and tea and provide training and equipment for those who want to learn more about coffee and being a barista. They had great oatmeal, incredible pastries (they had a cinnamon roll type pastry that was just delicious), I had heard that they had a good [...]

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A Walk Around Central Oslo and a Hot Chocolate at W.B. Samson, Oslo, Norway

Walking past W.B.Samson, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a new café. In fact is it is a bakery which has been operating in this spot since 1894. Sure it has had some significant facelifts but their bakery and the way they bake their bread has not changed. They sell a loaf that uses the same receipe it has used for over 100 years. The only indication of the rich history that W.B. Samson has is through the old black and white photos dotting the walls around the café which is bright and modern with green touches. The [...]

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How to Spend a Few Hours in Undredal and a Hot Chocolate at Kaffe Undredal, Norway

Everyone who visits the stunning Sognefjords, and in particular the Aurlandsfjorden will see Undredal from the water but very few of them will ever set foot in this tiny little town of 100, which is a shame. Until recently, 1988, it was only accessible by boat but now there is a scenic road that comes down from the E16 just before arriving in Flam. Ten minutes or so down the road you first pass the Undredal Stave Church, the smallest of its kind in Northern Europe seating only 40 people. Continue down the little road and there is an equally [...]

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The Stunning Flam Railway and a Hot Chocolate, Flam, Norway

There are a few different things that are recommended when you visit the Fjords between Bergen and Oslo. There is the drive from Voss to Gundvagen, there is the boat through the Sognefjord, and there is the Flam Railway. Not only is it the steepest train track in the world, it is also considered to be one of the most scenic. The train takes about one hour to travel up from Flam to the top station of Myrdal. From here you can connect to trains to Oslo or Bergen, you can rent a bike and cycle back down to Flam [...]

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The Scenic Drive from Bergen to Flam and a Hot Chocolate at Rom Kafe, Evanger, Norway

Most visitors to Bergen book themselves into the Norway in a Nutshell package. With this they take a combination of trains, buses and boats from Bergen to Oslo (or the other way around) in 1 to 3 (or more) days. The trip brings visitors through the UNESCO World Heritage Fjords and their incredible scenery. We decided to rent a car instead of taking the Nutshell package, and do it our way and at our own pace. Based on the Norway in a Nutshell information it seemed that there was little to see between Bergen and Voss, but that the road [...]

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Breakfast, a Hot Chocolate at Godt Brod, and a Walk Around the Fish Market, Bergen, Norway

Bergen is not an early rising type of city. A quick search to confirm the opening hours of our list of must visit coffee shops quickly made this evident; nothing opens until 10, even 11 am. But we did find one spot which not only opens early but also serves a good breakfast and was recommended by a few locals as the place to go. Perfect. There are a few locations of Godt Brod but we choose the one closest to where we were staying, just a few steps away from the entrance to the Funicular. The place was empty [...]

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