Walking up and down the Hills of Bergen and a Hot Chocolate at Klosterret, Bergen, Norway

Bergen must be the most underrated city in Europe. They advertise themselves as the being the gateway to the fjords, but they are so much more than that. Bergen is easily one of my favourite cities in Europe. It doesn’t necessarily compare to any of the big cities, Copenhagen, Paris or London, but it just so charming and gorgeous and overall makes for a really relaxing trip. One comes here, hopefully on a sunny day, to just wonder around the streets for hours, stopped every once in a while to sit on a terrace and enjoy the views. If you [...]

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How to spend an afternoon at the top of Mount Floyen and a Hot Chocolate at Lille Kaffe Kompaniet, Bergen, Norway

If you can see the top of Mount Floyen, then it is worth taking the funicular up to the top. An impressive train with glass windows and roof to be able to enjoy the view from all angles takes only 5 minutes to climb the steep mountain side. It has been taking tourists and locals alike up the hill since 1918. Once you reach the top you get the most stunning views of Bergen. Once you have finished taking in the view you have lots of options. Norwegians and especially Bergenites are very active and you will see the locals [...]

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A Walk Around UNESCO World Heritage Bryggen and a Hot Chocolate at Bastant Bryggen, Bergen, Norway

When a place has UNESCO World Heritage status you know that it is going to be interesting and stunning, and Bryggen really is both of those things. Bryggen is the name of the old wharf of Bergen, one of the oldest port cities in North Europe. The port area was, and still is, filled with traditional wooden houses organized in long narrow rows and painted a multitude of bright colours; reds, oranges, green, etc. Over the years several fires, including the last one in 1955, ravaged the characteristic houses but they have since been rebuilt traditionally following old patterns and [...]

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