Hot Chocolate at Opila, Bilbao, Spain

I hadn’t planned to stop for a hot chocolate but when I passed this place I had no choice but to go in. Opila is a combination of two great things. It is a beautiful bakery full of different kinds of breads and a vast array of gorgeous looking desserts and sweets. On the other hand it is a fancy chocolate store with a wide range of homemade chocolate. These are two personalities that work well for me, it means that I can have my hot chocolate and eat it too! I was relieved and excited when the man behind [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Cafe del Arenal, Bilbao, Spain

I walked by this café a few times before I finally decided to venture in. The reason? A big florescent sign that said Chocolate y churros on the front window was all I needed. Inside the café is a little bit worn out but I found myself a little corner with a nice view out of the window and asked for chocolate y churros. Five minutes later I was presented with a cup of hot chocolate and a generous serving of churros, 6 in total. The churros are hot, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. The hot [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Bistro Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain

After an afternoon of wandering in and out of rooms full of fascinating pieces of modern art, I made my way to the café on the first floor. Considering that the Guggenheim is all about innovation and art I expected a lot from the coffee shop. I expected a fantastic atmosphere with a delicious thick hot chocolate, the kind the Spanish do so well. Perhaps I was expecting too much because the café completely failed to deliver. I am instantly disappointed when the woman behind the bar rips open a pouch of Nestle chocolate powder and mixes it with hot [...]

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