I Love Cambridge and an icecream/hot chocolate from 6 Icecream, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I love Cambridge. I was lucky enough to live in Cambridge for several years. I still consider it a home although I don’t get to visit nearly as much as I’d like to. I highly recommend that anyone travelling to London take a day, at least a day, and visit Cambridge (only 45 mins away by train). Rain, hail or shine, chances are you too will love it. The whole central area of town is a large pedestrian mall filled with small stores surrounded by the stunning buildings that make up the University of Cambridge. Look carefully as you walk; [...]

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A Hot Chocolate at Hotel Chocolat, Cambridge, United Kingdom

For years I have walked past Hotel Chocolat stores and not thought twice. But today was different. Hotel Chocolate has opened a chocolate café, or aptly named refuel station, and right in central Cambridge. So on my latest trip to beautiful Cambridge I started here. What makes Hotel Chocolate unique is that they actually grow their own cacao on a plantation in Saint Lucia. The cocoa goes on to be part of their incredibly vast selection of chocolates. They have dozens of stores across the UK, but from what I could tell, only this one has a café. You order [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Indigo Coffee House, Cambridge, United Kingdom

St. Edward’s Passage in Cambridge is a hidden gem. This tiny lane way starts just off the main market place, past a gorgeous old bookstore where you imagine the literaries of Cambridge’s past used to browse. Around the corner is the Cambridge theatre which is always busy (at Christmas go to see the Pantomine, an experience in itself). Right next to that with the little wooden table and two chairs out front is Indigo. Indigo is just a dot on the map really, it is a tiny coffee shop and it always surprises me how much they have managed to [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Bill’s, Cambridge, United Kingdom

When I first walked by Bill’s I was in awe. I absolutely love how they have transformed the space into a colourful festival of food. The walls are covered in shelves featuring all of Bill’s products, everything from Elderflower Cordiale, Beer, jars of thick English honey and pink champagne truffles. Large blackboards hang all around the restaurant, some with parts of menu, others with wise words and quotes about food. Large bunches of dried red chilli peppers and colourful paper hang from large hooks from the ceiling. I absolutely love the décor. The menu looks quite good but we only [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Fitzbillies, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I’ve walked by Fitzbillies for three years. I always knew it was a Cambridge institution (90 years old!), it looks like one, but I never actually went in. It’s on the opposite side of town which is part of the reason. Then, all of a sudden a year ago, it closed. Even British comedian Stephen Fry tweeted about this sad event “No!No! Say it ain’t so – not Fitzbillies? Why I tweeted a pic of one of their peerless Chelsea buns but a six months ago.” This is what happens when locals like us don’t support so called institutions. Well [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Benets, Cambridge, United Kingdom

It is tough to review Benets because it is one of my locals. A week was never complete without at least one hot chocolate at Benets. Saturday and Sunday never started before spending at least 30 minutes sitting on the terrace outside, sipping my hot chocolate while watching Cambridge walk by (often my evenings also didn’t end without a few scoops of their incredible homemade icecream either, one of the best I’ve had!) From their terrace you have Kings College in front, the senate to the side and the lovely and vibrant Cambridge market behind. If you get there early [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Fort Saint George, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The Fort is the oldest pub on the river Cam with parts of building dating back to the 16th Century. Its name comes from its resemblance to the fort St.. George in Madras India which was the first British fort in the colony. The fort has changed a lot over the years. Every time there is a new manager things change quite a bit, including the hot chocolates. I have had 4 different types of hot chocolate at Fort Saint George and they have always been good. The Fort itself could be a much better pub but it’s location is [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Chocolate Chocolate, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I have passed this little chocolate store thousands of times in the past few years but never stopped. The reason? I’m not a big fan of chocolate. Surprised? My brother hated onions when he was young but loved onion bagels so this kind of behaviour runs in the family. Something happens to chocolate though when you add hot milk and a nice view. It becomes magical. I have known for years that this little chocolate shop also sells hot chocolate. Right near the front they have a little machine that mixes it and keeps it hot. I never tried it [...]

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