Incredible Graffiti and a Hot Chocolate at Ahh Toots, Bristol, United Kingdom

The beauty of Bristol is in the details. During my first walk around I wasn’t so impressed. It was cloudy, quiet, and everything looked dull and rough around the edges. But as I spent more time here, this quickly changed and Bristol managed to not only change my mind but turn me into a believer. There are a lot of things to love about Bristol but what I really loved were the details which you can only see if you go exploring. One example is the fantastic graffiti found all around the city. I planned half of my trip simply [...]

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An Epic Suspension Bridge and a Hot Chocolate at Bar Chocolat, Bristol, United Kingdom

Bar Chocolat is perfectly located if you make your way across town to visit one of the main attractions of Bristol, the Clifton Suspension Bridge. It is a gorgeous walk from the center of Bristol to this neighbourhood. I walked up College Green, past University of Bristol and then along Queens Road all the way to Victoria Square. I then took the little path that cuts across Victoria Square, which brought me to a series of little stores and a beautiful shopping archway. I then crossed Clifton Down Road, before making my way to The Mall and Bar Chocolat. This [...]

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Spoiling Oneself with a Hot Chocolate or Two at Gorvett & Stone, Henley on Thames, United Kingdom

I feel a lot like an explorer when I go searching for my hot chocolates. I always have a short list of places to find that should be good, but never any idea of exactly what I am going to find when I get there. Gorvett & Stone right along the high street of gorgeous Henley on Thames was top of my list. You may recognize Henley as the home of the famous Henley Royal Regatta and regular races between the rowers from Cambridge and Oxford Universities. There is a gorgeous walking path along the river where you can watch [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Yumchaa, London, United Kingdom

Yumchaa is huge by London standards. It is big and airy and beautiful. That is why we originally walked through the doors. In fact we had no idea what they sold when we first decided to walk in. The counter is at the very far end of the space and it is pretty difficult to see from the window what is on offer. But from the moment I walked in I loved this space and we went back several times.  I've probably mentioned this many times before on this blog but a good hot chocolate is about a lot of [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Paul A. Young, London, United Kingdom

Paul A. Young is organizing a class in a few weeks, an evening with Paul A. Young, where you can learn everything you ever wanted to know about chocolate. Too bad I won’t be around because I would love to spend a bit of time down in the chocolate laboratory at Paul A. Young where Paul and his team make all their creations in small batches, completely by hand in the kitchens at each of his three shops, one in Islington, one next to Bank and this shop we visited in Soho. Paul is considered to be at the forefront [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Said, London, United Kingdom

We stumbled across SAID the other night on a walk through Soho. It was cold and damp and SAID was a bit like a beacon, calling out to us to walk in and sit down and be taken care of. It worked. Without even planning to stop, we somehow found ourselves inside, sitting at a small wooden table towards the back end of the shop, drinking our hot chocolates lit up by candle light. The SAID chocolate factory was founded in Rome’s San Lorenzo district in 1923 and if you happen to be in Rome you can visit 135 Via [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Scandinavian Kitchen, London, UK

Trying to find a spot for lunch in Fitsrovia in London that has space for strollers is a challenge. Somehow today luck was on our side and we managed to find space at the extremely busy and very popular Scandinavian Kitchen.   Thanks to Bronte (a Dane) and Jonas (a Swede), London has its own little Scandinavian food paradise. Back in 2006 they were walking the streets of London looks for some good food from back home and found nothing and were inspired to open this hot spot. There are two parts to Scandi Kitchen. First they import food from home [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Chocodippity, Winchester Christmas Market, Winchester, UK

One of the things I love most about Christmas has to be the Christmas markets. There is really nothing better to put you in the Christmas spirit. I have been to a lot of Christmas Markets over the years, but the one I went to today in Winchester next to the cathedral could very possibly be my favorite. The Christmas Market has been going since 2006 and, modeled after the traditional German markets, attracts almost 400,000 people a year. It was absolutely packed, making it a slow walk to get around. But that wasn’t a problem at all, it just [...]

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