Hot Chocolate at Curiositea, Warwick, United Kingdom

The chances of any of you ending up on the campus of the University of Warwick are probably quite slim unless you are a student. But here, in the middle of campus lies a magical little café with a fantastic name…Curiositea. I am jealous of the students who get to experience this little jewel everyday. The café looks and feels like a cupcake, pastel colours, pinks, faded yellows. Today the frontpart of the store is taken up by a second hand clothing store, clothing that is as pretty as the store itself. But the reason I am impressed is because [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Green & Black’s, Global (made at home)

As today is my birthday I saw it fitting to introduce you to my daily hot chocolate ritual. Every day at 3pm I make myself a small cup of hot chocolate. The hot chocolate I use? Lately it has been Green and Blacks. Green and Black's used to be a little company but it has grown tremendously over the years and was bought by Cadbury and then Kraft. I started using Green and Blacks chocolate 3 years ago because of the commitment that the company has to sustainability and sourcing. The reason I continue to drink Green and Blacks is [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Benets, Cambridge, United Kingdom

It is tough to review Benets because it is one of my locals. A week was never complete without at least one hot chocolate at Benets. Saturday and Sunday never started before spending at least 30 minutes sitting on the terrace outside, sipping my hot chocolate while watching Cambridge walk by (often my evenings also didn’t end without a few scoops of their incredible homemade icecream either, one of the best I’ve had!) From their terrace you have Kings College in front, the senate to the side and the lovely and vibrant Cambridge market behind. If you get there early [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Fort Saint George, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The Fort is the oldest pub on the river Cam with parts of building dating back to the 16th Century. Its name comes from its resemblance to the fort St.. George in Madras India which was the first British fort in the colony. The fort has changed a lot over the years. Every time there is a new manager things change quite a bit, including the hot chocolates. I have had 4 different types of hot chocolate at Fort Saint George and they have always been good. The Fort itself could be a much better pub but it’s location is [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Chocolate Chocolate, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I have passed this little chocolate store thousands of times in the past few years but never stopped. The reason? I’m not a big fan of chocolate. Surprised? My brother hated onions when he was young but loved onion bagels so this kind of behaviour runs in the family. Something happens to chocolate though when you add hot milk and a nice view. It becomes magical. I have known for years that this little chocolate shop also sells hot chocolate. Right near the front they have a little machine that mixes it and keeps it hot. I never tried it [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Flatplanet, London, United Kingdom

Flatplanet has a range of flats made with organic English spelt flour from Sharpham Park farm in the West Country. The flats look so good, tomato sauce, chill, aubergines, with names such as El Diablo and Balearic Breakfast. If it wasn't 7am I would have ordered one. I loved the interior of this little spot. There is a warm industrial feel to the place (if that makes any sense). I am the only one sitting inside so from my little chair I watch the steady stream of locals coming in for a coffee. Even though the hot chocolate was really [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Princi, London, United Kingdom

When I think about my favourite hot chocolates, the one at Princi always comes to mind. Several times a week I used to go into this busy Italian bakery/coffee shop and if I could find a place to sit (never easy) I’d order myself one. It is chocolaty, gooey and delicious and comes in a little espresso cup. It is thick enough that you can choose to drink it (slowly) or eat it with a spoon. I absolutely love this hot chocolate. Then one day last year, they stopped serving this hot chocolate. It was in summer time so I [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Lola & Simon, London, United Kingdom

I wasn’t going to stop for a hot chocolate this morning but when I passed by Lola & Simon I just had to go in. Only a few blocks from Stamford Brook Tube station in London, this restaurant/brunch/coffee spot advertises itself as serving Argentinean and New Zealand Cuisine. What a fascinating combination. Lola and Simon was started by a couple, one a marketeer from Argentina and the other a lawyer from New Zealand. They named their restaurant after their dog Simon and his mate Lola who was rescued from the streets of Buenos Aires. Apparently the owners  are accustomed to [...]

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