Hot Chocolate at Rocky Mountain Roastery Coffee, Fraser, USA

“Achieve a higher state of bean”, what a fantastic slogan for a coffee spot. My friends are avid coffee drinkers so when they found this spot it was inevitable that this would become our home away from home for the four days that we all spent together in WinterPark Colorado. Rocky Mountain Roastery was founded in 1993 and are known for their unique high altitude coffee roasting process that allows more flavour to develop in each bean they roast, so they say. This family owned and operated business features organic, fair trade and original coffee blends. The place has a [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Goody’s, WinterPark, Colorado, USA

This past weekend we were in Winter Park Colorado for the wedding of two very good friends. It is such an odd feeling to stay in a ski resort in the middle of summer when there is no snow. I have always wondered what it is that people do. Turns out that Winterpark was filled with people, and over the four days that we were there they had a whole range of different festivals, craft fairs and events. Up at the actual ski resort there is a surprisingly long list of things you can do. There is a slide that [...]

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