Hot Chocolate at Kakawa Chocolate House, Santa Fe, USA

Kakawa is one of a kind … just like Santa Fe. Santa Fe is a gorgeous place to visit for so many reasons but I would come back again and again just to visit Kakawa. In the three days we were here we visited Kakawa three times. The day I left Santa Fe my taste buds went into shock wondering what happened to their daily Kakawa fix. Kakawa is an Olmec word meaning cacao or chocolate. The focus in this little adobe building is on historic drinking chocolates including traditional Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican Mayan Astec drinking chocolates, 1600’s European drinking chocolates, [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Café Pasqual’s, Santa Fe, USA

The motto of Café Pasqual’s is ‘Panza llena, Corazon content!’ which means full stomach, happy heart. Over the past 3 days Café Pasqual’s did both for us; filled our stomachs (several times) and gave us warm and very happy hearts. Located just a couple of blocks away from the main plaza of stunning Santa Fe, the oldest capital city in the US and a magnet for artists and art lovers, it and all of the surrounding buildings are made from a modern version of the traditional adobe houses made with sun dried bricks of earth and water. At 8 am [...]

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