Lunch in Austin – Hot Chocolate at Café Elizabeth, Austin, USA

Our Saturday started like this. “What do you want to do today”? My answer “ go to Paris”. “I was thinking of something a bit closer”. “Mexico City?” “Closer?” “How about Austin?” “Hmmmm ….. ok.” And so we did. We drove 2.5h just to go to Austin for lunch. You may say, why would you choose to drive that long just to get to Austin for lunch? The reality is that we would have easily spent more time than that driving around Houston getting errands done (Houston is a 100% car based city), so this way rather than fighting traffic [...]

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Exploring South Congress – Hot Chocolate at Jo’s, Austin, Texas, USA

Whoever thought that turning frito chips into a meal was a good idea must be crazy. I have no idea. Here at Jo’s they cover the fitos with pulled pork or wheat roast, shredded cheddar and diced onions. You can have all that with an iced turbo drink which contains coffee, espresso, hazelnut, chocolate and cream. Maybe forget about the fritos altogether, and the coffee and have one of their breakfast tacos. Or maybe forget all of that and just have a hot chocolate. Actually forget about the hot chocolate, it sadly wasn’t any good…. go back to the iced [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Pacha, Austin, Texas, USA

Pacha is located in a little house in the popular neighbourhood of Rosedale in Austin, not too far away from downtown. The outside of the building is painted bright yellow, like a ray of sunshine beckoning you in. And it does its job of beckoning well as the place was full each time we visited, full of people there for the incredible home made food, the coffee or in my case (and I suspect many other people’s case) the delicious hot chocolate. Pacha is named after Pachamama, a goddess of the Andes often described as a fertility goddess. In Bolivia [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Mozarts, Austin, USA

Austin is a fabulous city. I wish I could spend more time there. If I could, I would become a regular at Mozart’s Coffee Roasters and Bakery. Not so much for the Coffee Roasters part however….or for the bakery (although they do have some delicious looking goodies and a good pumpkin pie). First I would become a regular because Mozart’s has the best terrace I have seen in a long time. They have several huge wooden decks, surrounded by giant oak trees, allowing you to sit right along the bank of Lake Austin. Despite a large number of tables being [...]

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Hot Chocolate from Delysia, Austin, USA (made at home)

You may remember about a year ago I did a review of a new spot that opened up in Austin Texas called the Hillside Pharmacy. The place was beautiful, but the hot chocolate left a lot to be desired! At the time I was told that they used Delysia Hot Chocolate but I suspected that something wasn't quite right. The wonderful folks at Delysia read my blog and subsequently sent me a container full of their Lavender Hot Chocolate so I could judge for myself, and that is exactly what I did today. Delysia is a chocolate company based in Austin Texas. [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Easy Tiger, Austin, USA

I love a lot of things about Easy Tiger. I love that it is in Austin (but wish it was closer to where I live!). I love that it is called Easy Tiger (what a great name). I love the décor which is warm, fun and inviting. I love that it has a duel personality. Upstairs is the bakery which serves an incredible array of baguettes and pretzels. Downstairs is a fantastic looking beer garden that serves countless beers , cured meats and sausages (All made in house). There is also a fantastic terrace outside just along a little river [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Halcyon, Austin, USA

I saw Halcyon in a guidebook I have on Austin. It said to stop here after walking down 6th street and before exploring the Warehouse District. So we did and wow what a find.  The place is lively and full. There are comfy red and yellow sofas in the corners and an extensive collection of sparkly pictures of celebrities covering the walls. I take a look at the menu and as usual they have one hot chocolate. Ok, decision made but I decide to take a look at the rest of the menu to see what else they offer. My [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Book People, Austin, USA

I love book stores. They are magical places full of colours and inspiration. I could (and do) spend hours and hours going through the shelves, sitting in corners turning the pages of interesting looking books. They are slightly more rare but I love independent bookstores even more and Book People in Austin is just that, and a beautiful one too. It has been the leading independent bookstore in Texas since 1970. The coffee shop at Book People’s is called interestingly enough, Coffee Shop. It is tucked in the far right corner on the ground floor. Behind the counter is a row [...]

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