Hot Chocolate at the Cultural Centre, Paraty, Brazil

We first saw the Cultural Centre in the historic pedestrian centre of Paraty our first night in town. Right next to it is a music school that had a group of adults singing which caught our attention and then we noticed the colourful pictures inside. Unfortunately they were just about to close so we went back the day after. Brazil is a fascinating and stunning country in every sense. The food, the music, the culture, its people are all really interesting and I couldn’t get enough of it all. I wanted to learn more about the history of the region [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Caminho do Ouro, Paraty, Brazil

It takes about 5 hours by bus to get to Paraty from Rio but believe me, it is worth it. Paraty is stunning. It’s port is full of colourful boats eager to take tourists out to visit the bay. It is surrounded by lush rainforests and jam packed with historic houses. It isn’t just a tourist heaven, this is a place that people live and work and this gives it an extra special feel. It is mid week and low season so the streets tonight were not very busy at all. We had a list of several recommended restaurants, as [...]

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Hot Chocolate at Cafe Pingado, Paraty, Brazil

The cobblestone streets in the historic center of Paraty are slippery. You really need to pay attention where you walk but still I can’t help getting distracted by the white buildings with their colourful doors and windows. Downtown Paraty is a traffic free zone . The city has been able to maintain most of its historic buildings and much of the architecture of the city has not changed for over 250 years. It got its name from the Guaianas people who used to live here and means “river of fish”. A horse drawn carriage passes by carrying a Brazilian family, [...]

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