Australian Drinking Chocolate

Australia is lucky to have a growing number of bean to bar chocolate makers. This also means that we have lots of fantastic, high quality drinking chocolates to choose from. Here is a list of all of the bean to bar drinking chocolates offered in Australia (regularly updated). I have added information about sourcing if it is provided on their websites as this is important to me as well as any mentions in relation to sustainable practices or packaging.

All of these chocolate makers sell their drinking chocolates online so you have no excuse not to try them! Let me know if I have missed anything. Don’t forget that even if your favourite chocolate maker doesn’t offer a hot chocolate mix, you can still melt down any of their bars for a decadent treat (bars that are heat damaged for example may look ugly but are perfect for hot chocolates).

Australian Capital Territory

Jasper & Myrtle (Canberra)

Jasper & Myrtle has four options: 1. Cinnamon & Spice Drinking Chocolate (66% beans from PNG and bronze medal winner at the 2018 Academy of Chocolate) 2. Classic Dark Drinking Chocolate (72% beans from PNG and silver medal winner at the 2018 Academy of Chocolate) 3. French Vanilla Drinking Chocolate 4. Spiced Rum Toddy Drinking Chocolate (Bronze medal winner at the 2018 Academy of Chocolate).  Direct trade, sustainable sourcing and fair prices. Details: 200g boxes (beautiful ones!), Powder

New South Wales

Chocolate DR (Coffs Harbour)

They offer a  100% and a 70% Samoan drinking chocolate and a 90% and 70% Dark Solomon Islands Cacao. Milk and sugar are sourced locally. Cacao comes “from companies that are close to the Farmers” and “ensure growers are paid a generous amount for their hard work.” Size: 100g bags

Hyggelig (Sydney)

Drinking Cacao, Malt & Linen is made with 77% cacao and a mixture of raw Australian and Rapadura sugar.  Mentions that they include 207 beans in a bag. No information on sourcing. They have several locations in Sydney where you can try their hot chocolates. Size: 250g, granules

South Pacific (Sydney)

A few options: 60%, 70% and 100% Hot Chocolate (cacao nibs, organic raw sugar, cacao butter). Source cacao from Solomon Islands directly and work with farmers. Size: 250, 500g

Origin Chocolate (Orange)

Several options including a 50% Dark Milk and Vanilla, their 70% House Blend and a 100% Drinking Cacao. They also sell Hot Chocolate Bombs (65%) filled with Hazelnut Cream or Salted Caramel. Source is organic Peruvian cacao powder.  Size: 1kg bags, powder

Zokoko (Emu Plains)

Organic Drinking Chocolate. No additional information provided. Sourcing “unique cacao and working directly with growers”. They have a cafe as well where you can taste it. Size: 250g


17 Rocks (Brisbane)

So many choices.. They have a 45% Milk chocolate and a 70% dark chocolate (Winner 2020 Artisan Chocolate Awards). they then have some with inclusions including a 45% Burnt Caramel, 70% Dark with Banana and Cinnamon, 70% Dark with Botanical Spices, 70% Dark with Chilli and 70% dark with Strawberries and Himalayan Salt. Their website mentions that cacao is ethically sourced from Papua New Guinea.  Size: 160g boxes as well as chocolate covered spoons.

Cravve (Burleigh Heads)

Lots of options including 1. Aztec Drinking Chocolate (sourced Dominican Republic) 2. Dark Coconut Chocolate (70% from Pacific Island cacao 3. Koko Samoa (made from raw cacao from Samoa and also available in a 50% sweetened version) 4. Organic Dark Drinking Chocolate (70%) 5. Red Velvet Drinking Chocolate (with beetroot powder) 6. West Africa 35% Drinking Chocolate Powder. They also sell 100% Ceremonial Cacao Consistency(source organic raw cacao sourced from farms in Central America and another one sourced from Venezuela). No additional information on sourcing provided. Size: 250g, 1kg, 5kg

Metiisto (Toowoomba)

One option, a 70% Guara Drinking Chocolate in 200g (cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sugar). Guara is a cacao co-op on the island of West Sumba in Indonesia. Increasing focus on sourcing from Solomon Islands and neighbouring countries. Size 200g, granules.

South Australia

Haigh’s (Adelaide)

Haigh’s sells a Premium Drinking Chocolate. Ingredients are 52% cocoa mass and the rest sugar. No note on source. Eighty percent of the cocoa they source comes from UTZ Certified farms (but it is unclear as to whether the drinking chocolate is part of that 80%). Consistency: Powder Size: 225 g


Federation Chocolate (Taranna)

They offer a Dark Drinking Chocolate (74%) made from beans from Papua New Guinea. it is also served in their factory.  Product: Powder Size: 400g bag


Atypic Chocolate (Melbourne)

Two options including a 75% Dark and a 55% Milk (cocoa beans, cocoa butter, organic cane sugar and Australian milk powder for then 55%). Sourcing: “We pay a premium fee for our beans which are sourced from our neighbours in the Pacific Islands”. They also frequently visit and work with the farmers. Visit their shop in South Melbourne Market to try their hot chocolate. Size: Not mentioned but standard consumer size.

Bird Snake (Melbourne)

Drinking Chocolate 45% made from Ecuadorian Cacao and sugar. The cacao comes from Guayas in the South West of Ecuador and has fruity and deep fudge notes. They directly source organic cacao from several countries and provide information on their site as to how much they paid above the commodity price. Size: 250g, 1kg

Cabosse @ Feve Chocolate (Castlemaine)

They sell a 55%, 70% and 100% Hot Chocolates using organic cane sugar (except for the 100%), cocoa powder and strong ground cocoa from beans from the Solomon Islands from Guadalcanal Makira. Size: 250g

Cuvee Chocolate (Carrum Downs)

Three options: a 75% Chilli Hot Chocolate, a 62% Chai Latte Dark Milk and a 72% Classic Dark Hot Chocolate with Sea Salt. Made with their “Grand Cru” Chocolate. Unclear about sourcing. Website mentions that they “work as directly as possible with the producers” and “pay a premium”. Size: 150g

Good Boy Chocolate (Melbourne)

A 68% Dark Hot Chocolate Mix, Single Origin (but origin not mentioned). Mentions it is sustainable but no additional sourcing information is shared.The paper wrapper is made by a local Melbourne artist who uses the cocoa husks with recycled paper. Size: 200g

Hunted & Gathered (Melbourne)

They have a 50%, 60% and 70% Drinking Chocolate, all made with organic cacao from Camino Verde in the Duran region of Ecuador.  Beans are bag fermented for 6 days and sun-dried. Wet beans from around the country are purchased and fermented by Camino Verde just outside of Guayaquil. Size 250g

Living Koko (Melbourne)

They sell a 100% Organic Single Origin Drinking chocolate with chilli, a 100% Samoan Drinking cacao with Australian Native Peppermint oil and a classic 100% Drinking chocolate made with Samoan cacao (directly sourced). They also make Kokolove Bombs made with 70% chocolate and filled with marshmallow and their 100% drinking cacao. Some packaging is compostable. Size: 100g, 250g

Monsieur Truffe (Melbourne)

Click here for my review of their cafe.

They offer a Dark (72%) and a Milk(37%) Hot Chocolate. Cacao fro the Dominican Republic but no additional sourcing information shared.  Hope chocolates can be enjoyed at East Elevation, a cafe that shares the same premises as Monsieur Truffe. Size 250g, 500g, chips

Mork (Melbourne)

Click here for my review of their cafe.

Four hot chocolate offerings at the moment: Junior Dark (50%), Original Dark (70&), Dark Milk & Salt (65%) and Even Darker (85%). They also have a hot chocolate and rooftop honey option and a kit to make their signature Campfire Hot Chocolate at home. Cacao is sourced from Sur del Lago in Venezuela, one of the oldest cacao regions in the world. Cacao Powder is Peruvian single origin. Sugar is organic, unrefined coconut blossom directly sourced from a farm in Indonesia. More on their sourcing here. They sell marshmallows and hot chocolate mugs too.Size: 125g, 250g, 1kg

Ratio Cocoa Roasters (Melbourne)

They offer a hot chocolate made with organic cacao from farms surrounding Reserva Zorzal, a bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic focused on sustainable farming and conservation. Packaging 100% recycled box board and printed with soy based inks. They share how they make their hot chocolate from bean to mug here. Size: 250g, 1kg

Western Australia

Bahen & Co (Margaret River)

Bahen & Co have three drinking chocolates: 1. Toasted coconut (with coconut milk powder) 2. Dark Cacao 3. Classic Cacao. The ingredient list is the same for the dark and the classic and no percentages are given so I assume that the classic is a sweeter mix.  The cacao used isn’t specified but they direct source from PNG, Madagascar and Brazil and pay higher than fair trade pricing.Click here for more. Currently only 1.5kg with plans for smaller sizes. Packed in a fully compostable bag made from plant materials. Powder.

Cailo Chocolate (Perth)

Drinking Chocolate 75% made from Solomon Island cocoa and organic raw sugar. They source their cacao from two estates in the Solomon Islands. Click here for more.  Size: 200g bag

Gabriel Chocolate (Yallingup)

Gabriel has a milk drinking hot chocolate (50%) made with beans sourced from Papua New Guinea and a dark hot chocolate (65%) made from beans sourced from Ghana. They also sell Cacao Tea. No information is shared about their sourcing. Size: Available in 200g bags or on sticks to be stirred directly into hot milk.