For a chocolate shop, Xocolate isn’t exactly the prettiest one I’ve seen. When we visited, the counters were a bit of a mess, and the walls were painted hot pink with huge pictures of semi appetising looking chocolates on them. But the display case was filled with really delicious looking creations and even more importantly, they had a lot of hot chocolate options.


I wasn’t expecting to have a good hot chocolate today, especially considering we were visiting one of the largest shopping malls in Santo Domingo. We were here to waste some time really and had been walking around looking for a spot for Rich to have a coffee. Strangely everyone else had the same idea and all the coffee shops were filled, not an empty table in sight. I suggested that while we wait for a table to empty they keep me company while I try and find a hot chocolate. Xocolate just magically appeared, and just like that the plans for coffee were forgotten and everyone ordered hot chocolates.



Despite first impressions, the hot chocolate at Xocolate is so good, surprisingly good, definitely one of my favourites. They have so many choices. There is one with chocolate and organges, and a bailey’s chocolate with milk chocolate, white chocolate and a shot of baileys. If you prefer one made with water they do one with 66% dark chocolate and water. One of us ordered the white chocolate with a hint of coconut milk which was absolutely delicious. The ‘Tipico’ was made of dark chocolate, cinnamon, ginger and a touch of oatmeal. The very decadent ‘Fudge de chocolate’ had butterscotch, chocolate and carmelized nuts.

I ordered the ‘Especies’, dark chocolate with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg and loved it. Considering so much of the chocolate that I drink at places around the world is actually from the Domincian Republic, it was nice to have some a little bit closer to the source. It was gorgeous, rich and luxurious, even though it was presented in a paper cup and we had to drink it standing up in a big shopping mall.



Verdict: Beautiful hot chocolates. We tried 3 different kinds and they were all delicious. Now what they need to do is offer these hot chocolates in a nice little café with a terrace, maybe in the Zona Colonial and it would be perfect. Xocolat  (125.00 Dominican Pesos)