I wasn’t going to stop for a hot chocolate this morning but when I passed by Lola & Simon I just had to go in. Only a few blocks from Stamford Brook Tube station in London, this restaurant/brunch/coffee spot advertises itself as serving Argentinean and New Zealand Cuisine. What a fascinating combination.

Lola and Simon was started by a couple, one a marketeer from Argentina and the other a lawyer from New Zealand. They named their restaurant after their dog Simon and his mate Lola who was rescued from the streets of Buenos Aires. Apparently the owners  are accustomed to answering to those names as well.

The restaurant is pretty quiet at 9.30am. A few couples are sipping coffee, another is eating brunch (it looks delicious). When you enter there is a counter that is covered in beautiful cakes, brownies and cookies. The walls are lined with bottles of Argentinean wines.

I sit myself down and order a hot chocolate. Lola and Simon win the award for most artistic decoration using chocolate powder on a hot chocolate. It was quite complex and very pretty. When I finally did take a sip the hot chocolate itself was rather sweet, too sweet for my liking. I really liked this spot though even though I only spent about 5 minutes inside. I’m curious to come back for dinner to see what happens when you mix those two cuisines. I suspect that if you pair that with a nice Malbec it can only be good.

Verdict: A nice hot chocolate and a fascinating spot to stop for some food. I’m guessing you can expect a lot more beef and lamb and lots of good wine. Lola and Simon, 278 King Street, London, UK.

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