Flatplanet has a range of flats made with organic English spelt flour from Sharpham Park farm in the West Country. The flats look so good, tomato sauce, chill, aubergines, with names such as El Diablo and Balearic Breakfast. If it wasn’t 7am I would have ordered one.

I loved the interior of this little spot. There is a warm industrial feel to the place (if that makes any sense). I am the only one sitting inside so from my little chair I watch the steady stream of locals coming in for a coffee.

Even though the hot chocolate was really not great I loved Flatplanet. The staff is over the top friendly. They treat everyone who walks in like they have known them for ever, introducing themselves and making jokes. It seemed like a big family.

Verdict: Come to Flatplanet for the flatbread. Don’t worry so much about the hot chocolate. Flatplanet, 39 Great Marlborough Street, London, UK

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