I recently stayed five or so nights at Casa Cool Beans in Santa Teresa, Rio, and fell in love with the city. I want to move to Rio, and while looking for a place of my own I will stay in room 9 and maybe also room 7 at Casa Cool Beans indefinitely. I will have the chance to wake up every morning to views across Santa Teresa, and enjoy the light breeze coming through the window. I’d walk downstairs to the breakfast area, past the gorgeous pool, and fill my plate with pieces of delicious ripe tropical fruits and the best bananas you have ever tasted in your life. I would then order my daily omelette with a little bit of everything (why not) and pour myself a large glass of whatever flavour juice they have out that day.

I’d wait for David and Lance, the two owners to come by and do their rounds, saying hi to all the guests, asking them how things are going and giving endless advice about what to do (and not to do). Mousse their super dog will lie there quietly in the sun, walking over every once in a while for a head rub.  I’d then make my way out to enjoy my day in Rio (or look for my new apartment), passing by all the beautiful graffiti and art works covering almost every wall in this perfect casa in Santa Teresa. David and Lance have been sourcing art work from artists across Brazil and are in the process are having every room be dedicated to one artist and full of the art work from that artist. They have also invited many graffiti artists to decorate the many walls across the 4 floors of Casa Cool Beans.

After my day in Rio I would come back in the evening to settle back into my room. Opening the front doors is like entering a little secret world. Since the name of the place isn’t really written on the front door it kind of feels like you are entering your own house, if one could be that lucky. David and Lance were, as they opened casa cool bean just a few years ago after moving here from the US with super dog Mousse. Upon returning I would walk up stairs and probably lounge out on hammock for a bit and then move upstairs to sit on the chairs around the pool and look at the stars. Yeah, I’d be quite happy with that.

Topping it all off, I liked their hot chocolate. The powder was just sitting in a little glass container next to a container that says ‘hot milk’.  It was simple and creamy and a nice start to my days at Cool Beans.

Verdict: I’m torn. If I tell everyone how much I love Casa Cool Beans it might get so busy that I won’t be able to move into room 9 when I plan my move to Rio…whenever that may be in the future. By then maybe David will have convinced Lance to get a puppy to keep Mousse company! Casa Cool Beans, Rua Laurinda Santos Lobo 136, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil