Every day, several times a day, tourists and locals alike line up to watch the Water Puppet show at Thank Long Theatre. Puppetry is a traditional art form used in all corners of the country. The show happens in a small theatre filled with bright red chairs. For 45 minutes you are transported on a journey through the country side of Vietnam. Musicians play a range of traditional music and instruments and accompany a range of gorgeous little wooden puppets that seem to magically emerge from the water and dance around. I loved every second of it and would go again.

In the same building as the puppet theatre is Helio, a café filled with dark wooden chairs and tables and that brings in several elements from the water puppet show above. One wall is covered with actual wooden water puppets painted in vibrant reds, golds and greens. Another wall has several prints of water puppet scenes. The wall in front of us has a large stunning medal art piece on the wall showing a range of country scenes.

My hot chocolate is beautifully presented. It comes in a glass (with a tiny handle). The chocolate is all at the bottom of the glass and topped with hot milk. I give it a stir and take my first sip. Unfortunately it was just too sweet for my liking. The chocolate at the bottom was sweet chocolaty syrup.

While sitting here we can hear the musicians practicing upstairs. It really gives this place a great atmosphere.

Verdict: The Water Puppet show is a must and this place is a good spot to grab a drink before you check out the show. If you like sweet chocolate milk this one is beautifully presented. Helio, 57B Dinh Tien Hoang Stre., Hanoi, Vietnam