The flight from Dallas to Brisbane is one of the longest flight in the world and by far the single longest flight I have ever taken. Today the flight took a little over 16 hours which is a very, very long time to be sitting in a plane, especially in Economy! Luckily the seat next to me was empty so I had a little bit more space to breathe.

Airlines always come by with coffee and tea after every meal, but the reason I love Qantas is because after the traditional coffee and tea cart they have a special cart that makes its way through the aisles. This one has a choice of either peppermint tea or Cadbury’s Hot chocolate with fresh marshmallows added if you like. I have never been a fan of Cadbury’s Hot chocolate, as I find it too sweet for my liking. But maybe because of how altitudes change our taste buds, Cadbury’s turns out to be the perfect hot chocolate to serve 3 hours and then again 10 hours into a long haul flight. The flavour is just right, rich and creamy but still very light.

If only all airlines would offer hot chocolates during flights of all lengths the world would be just that little bit better …… Now I just need to work on Qantas to start offering some of Australia’s own fantastic hot chocolate brands on flights. I recommend Koko Black? Fingers crossed…

Verdict: I like Qantas as an airline. Good service, great accents and of course once you offer me a hot chocolate, and a good one on a flight I am your fan for life.  Qantas Flight, Dallas to Brisbane