The thing about Sydney that no one else has are its beaches. It seems like everyone has a harbour view and the harbour and the area outside the harbour is just lined with beautiful beaches. Every neighbourhood has their own complete with beautiful soft brown sand, trees to provide shade and BBQ stations to help with your picnic.

Today we visited a whole range of beaches across Sydney. Bondi of course being one of the most famous of all the beaches was on the list. We also went to Manly beach and a whole range of less well known but equally popular beaches in between. The day started through at Bronte Beach where we stopped for a nice big breakfast and, of course, a hot chocolate. This was a very pretty hot chocolate and an awesome location to have one. From where I was sipping my chocolate I could see the beach and hundreds of people walking to and from it.

The hot chocolate was nice and came with a nice big marshmallow. I would definitely have it again, especially since it would give me the chance to visit beautiful Bronte beach again. After my drink, we went over to the Beach and found a shady spot. While sitting there within 5 minutes we spotted a pod of about 10-15 dolphins just off the beach looking to have some fun in the waves.  Does it get any better than that?!

Verdict: Hot Chocolate on a beautiful beach first thing in the morning…recommended. G’Day Bronte, 487 Bronte Road, Sydney, Australia ($3.40)