The Opera House, the Sydney Harbour, the Bridge, who hasn’t seen countless images of Sydney’s downtown area. This is only the start of it though. Personally I am a bigger fan of Melbourne but I can completely see why so many people have a love affair with Sydney.

The Rocks is a neighbourhood close to the Opera house. This is where Sydney started. It was first inhabited by the Indigenous Cardigal people until 1788 when the first European settlers – British convicts – claimed the land and built their camp.

Today the area is full of restaurants, cafes and little stores. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays there is a market that spreads out across the little streets and alleyways of the neighbourhood. The area is also right next to one of the cruise terminals and today there is a giant ship that holds over 4000 guests.

Just between the cruise ship and the heart of the Rocks is Chocolatiere. This store/café is all about chocolate. There are chocolate desserts, chocolate truffles, and chocolate cake. I sit on the terrace outside and after what seems like an eternity someone comes out to serve me. That doesn’t bother me though as the terrace is so nice and there is so much to watch from here. I order the special dark hot chocolate. At $7.80 this is one of the most expensive hot chocolates I have ever had, even with the obvious surplus for the location and the terrace. It goes without saying that I am expecting a lot!

The drink comes in a little silver pot that holds enough for two whole cups of hot chocolate.  While it was good, really nice infact, if I had paid 3 or 4 dollars for it I think I would have been really happy with it. It had a very nice soft dark flavour and was quite light and easy to drink. But it just didn’t feel like an 8 dollar hot chocolate. I expected a lot more for the price, especially considering this store is all about chocolate. Still, if you have a chocolate craving this is the place to go for not just your hot chocolate but for all your chocolate needs.

Verdict: I did like this hot chocolate and the view from the terrace. Order one hot chocolate and share it between two people if you can. Guylian Cafe, 91 George Street, Sydney, Australia ($7.80)

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