IMG_3468Once upon a time, it seems like quiet a long time ago, rue Montorgueil in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris was my home. I would wake every morning, walk downstairs to buy a fresh baguette and a pain au chocolate. In the afternoons I would walk up and down the street buying cheese from the cheese shop, meat from the meat shop, veggies from the veggie shop. Then in the evening I would meet friends for a glass of wine on one of the many terraces.


Charles Chocolatier

This evening while on a long overdue trip back to Paris, we walked up and down Montorgueil again. We bought some cheese, some bread and as we neared the end of the street right next to Les Halles we spotted Charles Chocolatier. I thought I knew every single inch of this neighborhood by heart but it seems I missed this little chocolate spot. I honestly don’t remember it being there. But then again, when I lived here I wasn’t as obsessed with hot chocolate as I am now! This family business has been here since 1993, but has been operating since 1910 making chocolates in the traditional way using, no milk, no butter, no crème, just 100% cocoa butter.

IMG_6187Their hot chocolate, chocolate a l’ancienne (3.80E) is 100% cocao powder, pure cocao butter, a little milk and very little sugar. The hot chocolate was unsweetened but the woman at the counter offered us sugar to sweeten it to taste.. We didn’t add any sugar, since I usually prefer my hot chocolates less sweet, but this was really unsweetened, a little bitter for my taste.  With hindsight, I wish I’d tried adding a bit of sugar, as this had the making of a very good hot chocolate.  The shop is very small but there are a few seats along the side in sit in and since the hot chocolate is presented in a paper cup you can either drink it in or take it out to enjoy as you walk up and down rue Montorgeuil.



Verdict: If you like your hot chocolate unsweetened this is the place for you. Charles Chocolatier is also known for their delicious looking Buches de Chocolate made from nuts from Piemont region. Charles Chocolatier,  15 rue Montorgueil, Paris, France.