The Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic drives in Australia. This 243 kilometer stretch of road between Torquay and Allansford provides absolutely stunning views. There are many many highlights along this coast but most visitors will make their way to a stop along the drive called the Twelve Apostles. This point provides an incredible view along the coast of a series of massive limestone structures, 45 metres high, that sit just off the 70metre high cliffs along the coast here. There used to be, as you can imagine, 12 such structures but slowly over time they have fallen and at the same time new structures are constantly being developed.

There are many other must see stops along the road. At each you park your car and can take a short walk to the coast. What seems like a short stretch of road can easily take a full day to visit with all of these beautiful stops. Most people start the drive from the east starting at Torquay but you can also drive up to Warrnambool and start from here which is what we did.






When we got to Warrnambool we were starving and desperately needed some lunch before making our way to the Great Ocean Road. We stopped literally at the first café we could find which had a parking spot nearby, and could not believe how lucky we were.  

Wines Patisserie is a jewel and I wish I could take this bakery with me everywhere on all my travels. We had lunch here, then got food to take out for dinner and then went back again the next day again for lunch and only stopped going because needed to make our way back to Melbourne.

This family run business makes the most incredible food. For lunch we ordered their mini roast vegetable quiches as well as some of their meat pies. For dessert we tried their tiny cupcakes which were worth every penny we paid. We picked up a lasagna for dinner which tasted better than anything I had ever made at home. Service was fantastic and the staff are so friendly. Of course with all this good food, I had to try their hot chocolate.  They use Beraldo for their coffee so I am assuming they also get their hot chocolate from the same company. The hot chocolate was fine – it wasn’t as good as their food, but it was a good offering.





Verdict: I am a huge fan of Wines Patisserie’s food. This week I’m going to try to make their roast veggie quiches here at home. Regardless of whether I succeed or fail, I’ll have to plan a trip back soon. Wines Patisserie, 162-164 Timor Street, Warnambool, Victoria, Australia