We decided to treat ourselves to 24 hours in the CBD, and my first choice of where to stay this time was the Adelphi Hotel. I have heard a lot about this hotel recently and have been splashed by its guests swimming in the incredible rooftop pool as I’ve walked by below more than once. Back in the 1980’s the building was a unique luxury hotel that attracted high profile guests throughout the 90’s. In 2013 it found new owners, a completely new look, and so the Adelphi we walked into was born.

A short flight of steps brings you up to the main level to the reception. The space hits you as soon as you walk in. It is both bright with big windows letting in lots of natural light, and dark and night club like at the same time. A stunning painting of a beautiful woman with black hair and red lips takes up the only wall in the space. Right in front between us and the reception desk is an almost life sized horse made from wire standing on a black and white chevron floor. The reception, like everywhere else in this hotel we would soon find out, was covered in candy.




We were seated down on seats that look like licorice candies and presented with two glasses of champagne before we were asked to complete the paper work for the check in process. When we arrived in our room there was a message written on the mirror wishing us a happy anniversary as well as a giant heart shaped cookie on the bed with a welcome message signed by at least 10 members of the staff. If the cookie wasn’t enough sweetness the whole room was like a box of modern candy. Two macaroons awaited us, one on either side of the bed, obviously there to help us sleep better and happier. The mini bar was free (there was a really nice ginger beer in there). They also had a large clear glass container on the counter filled with all sorts of different candies to continue fueling our sugar high.

Once we got all dressed up all we had to do was walk down to the basement to the two hatted Ezard restaurant where we had a reservation. This was the second time we had been to Ezard and the food was even better than I remember it being a few years ago (when they only had one hat). I remember the highlight of the last meal we had there was their oyster shooter. This time it was a beautiful fish plate with a delicate lemongrass broth. Beautiful meal, incredible service. Three hours later we walked out but unfortunately had missed our chance to try the desserts at Om Nom upstairs.






I have wanted to try one of Chef Christy Tania desserts for a while now. With training from many of the big names in France, she creates stunning desserts that look like playful works of art at the restaurant that shares space with the reception lobby. The restaurant/dessert bar is called Om Nom. Yes Om Nom from the cookie monster on Sesame Street or as they define it, the sound of eating something absolutely delicious.

We did spend quite some time in Om Nom the morning after for breakfast and then coffee with friends, or rather hot chocolate with friends. I had some high expectations for their hot chocolate, as they must have some good chocolate back there in the kitchen. I know very little about this hot chocolate (I tried to get more info with no luck) but I did enjoy it. It wasn’t as decadent as I expected, it was very light and creamy with a smooth chocolate taste. Beautifully presented in pink and yellow china.

Flinders lane, where the hotel is situated, is right in the middle of everything, just a few blocks from Federation Square, shopping, bars, restaurants and all that makes the city of Melbourne fantastic. But I’d suggest just staying here and taking it all in. It is a small space but there is plenty to do.

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Verdict: Already planning our 24 hours back at the Adelphi for 2016…this time we will start with dessert at Om Nom and an evening hot chocolate, see if Chef Tania does it better. Adelphi Hotel, 187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia