We actually planned to go to Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters because of the coffee. We flipped a coin because I was more interested in going across the street to Hardware Societe to have one of their addictive hot chocolates (so much choice in the CBD). But when we sat down and I saw their menu, apparently my eyes started to twinkle.





Hash has a really fun hot chocolate. They serve you a cup piled high with fairy floss (cotton candy for those across the pond). The hot chocolate is presented alongside in a lab beaker. The idea, correction, the wonderful idea is that you pour your beaker of hot chocolate through the clouds of fairy floss into your perfect little mug below. Magically, the fairy floss twinkles and then dissolves right before your eyes. What is left is just as magical, because the hot chocolate they use is Mork. My review for Mork is coming soon, but as a sneak peak, its on my list of ultimate hot chocolates. Mork sells their beautiful mixtures to a growing number of very smart cafes around the world, but rather than just serve Mork, Hash transforms it. They use the Mork 85% cocoa which is beautifully dark but often a bit darker than most like. But once the fairy floss dissolves into the chocolate it increases the sugar content to balance the bitterness of the dark chocolate and makes it just right.






Verdict: Rich did end up ordering a coffee (they use Reference Coffee Roasters and have single origin options) after he too got sucked into the magic of the fairy floss and said it was great making Hash a near perfect option for either your coffee or hot chocolate fix. Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters, 113 Hardware Lane, CBD, Melbourne, Australia